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A Quick Look Back at Bodor Laser’s 2023: Building the Best Today for a Brighter Tomorrow

Company News

Bodor Laser, a globally recognized leader in high-tech laser equipment manufacturing, proudly reflects on a year of significant achievements and milestones in 2023 - a year dedicated to laying the groundwork for a future filled with innovation and growth. The company has consistently demonstrated innovation, global expansion, and a commitment to excellence, solidifying its position at the forefront of the laser technology industry.

Continued market leadership:

The year began with Bodor Laser reaffirming its market dominance. We announced the top sales position for the fourth consecutive year in March 2023. This achievement is a clear indicator of the company's pursuit of excellence and customer trust.


Strategic global expansion:

In its quest to serve customers better and expand its global footprint, Bodor established new overseas facilities and warehouses. The Mumbai operations center, inaugurated in April, marked a significant step in strengthening Bodor's presence in the Indian market. May saw the opening of new warehouses in Rotterdam, Istanbul, and Izmir, significantly boosting our capabilities in Europe with faster delivery and enhanced maintenance services.

Dream Park - a visionary global headquarter:

July 2023 was a landmark month with the unveiling of Bodor's new global headquarter, Dream Park. This state-of-the-art facility is not just a center of operations but a symbol of Bodor's futuristic vision and commitment to leading the laser industry's evolution.


Innovative product launches:

Keeping innovation at its core, Bodor introduced the Q0 Pro in August - a cutting-edge solution for small tube laser cutting. The year ended with the December launch of the BodorWelder 1500 Pro, a revolutionary self-cooling handheld laser welding machine. The new welding product diversifies Bodor's product range and offering new solutions to our customers.



Celebrating 15 years of innovation:

In October, Bodor marked a significant milestone - 15 years of pioneering in the laser industry. This anniversary celebrated the journey from humble beginnings to becoming a global leader. We are proud of the past achievements, but still stay focused on a vision of technological advancement and market leadership.

Pioneering customer service initiatives:

October saw the rollout of the GiveMeFive warranty service. This program promises a five-year warranty on core components and underscores Bodor's confidence in its products and commitment to customer satisfaction, ensuring long-term reliability and trust.



The BodorWorldTour2023 was a global showcase of commitment and connectivity, with Bodor making its mark across 45 international events. Highlights included participations in major industry trade fairs at IMATECH Turkey, EXPOMAFE Brazil , BUTECH South Korea, FABTECH Mexico, FABTECH the United States, and BLECHEXPO Germany. This extensive tour not only brought Bodor closer to its global customer base but also emphasized its role as a key player in the international laser technology market.

As we look back at the achievements of 2023, it's clear that Bodor Laser has not only maintained its commitment to present excellence but has also laid a solid foundation for a future that's brighter than ever. As Bodor Laser steps into 2024, we remain committed to leading the laser technology industry with innovative solutions, global expansion, and an unwavering commitment to quality and customer service. Bodor is well-positioned to lead the laser industry into a new era of technological breakthroughs and market leadership.

About Bodor Laser:

Founded in 2008, Bodor Laser is an international top-notch intelligent and automated laser cutting and welding solution provider for automobiles, aviation, medical care, electronics, metal processing, and various industries. With more than 3,000 employees worldwide, including 20% dedicated to R&D, its service scope spans over 180 countries and regions. The global service centers and engineers provide customers with 24/7 timely support, maintaining long-term and stable partnerships with a variety of manufacturing enterprises.


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