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Bodor CT Series Combo Sheet & Tube Laser Cutting Machine with the Protective Cover

The Bodor CT series can process both sheet metal and tubes, meeting a variety of processing needs. Its high efficiency and cost-effectiveness make it a powerful tool in the field of metal cutting.


One smart investment for diverse metal processing needs

Dual cutting capability

Seamlessly switch between sheet and tube cutting, offering unmatched flexibility in metal processing.


CT series offers a great balance of price and performance, maximizing return on investment.

Cutting with precision

Advanced technology ensures accurate and high-quality cuts.

User-friendly operation

Features like one-click processing and smart remnant layout make it easy to operate, reducing labor intensity.

All-around protection

Its comprehensive design and laser protective glass ensure safety for operators.

Features & enhancements


Active obstacle avoidance system

BodorGenius, Bodor’s intelligent laser head, uses sensors and algorithms to detect potential obstacles like tilting parts and automatically avoids a potential collision. It largely ensures the stability as well as operating efficiency in the cutting process.


One-click processing

Set up your tasks ahead of time and let CT series do the rest. Once the operation begins, CT series will automatically complete edge searching, range checking, and cutting one after another. With CT series, you can finish batch production easily without any repetitive procedures.


Anti-burning mineral casting

Bodor's newly developed anti-burning casting material provides numerous advantages in slag removal, operations, and modular design. When in use, material residue automatically separates from the anti-burning plate, largely lowering maintenance costs and offering better durability. Its lightweight structure as well makes it easy to replace.


Lightning piercing

The technology offers rapid, precise piercing with reduced time. It features monitored processes for efficiency, focus adjustment for seamless piercing, and integration with BodorGenius.


Self-centering pneumatic chuck

This chuck offers rapid clamping capabilities to complete the process in a mere 2 seconds, while it gear transmission structure provides stable operation and an extended service life. Its stable and strong load-bearing design makes CT series capable of precise control of speed and clamping force, ensuring no deformation and accuracy deviation for thin-walled tubes.


Intelligent remnant layout

To achieve maximum material utilization, all you need to do is uploading pictures of the remnant to the control system with your mobile phone. CT series is able to automatically finish positioning as well as nesting. The higher the percentage of utilization, the more economical the process. Enjoy the benefits of significantly increased cost savings.


Nesting software compatible with Tekla

The nesting software for the Bodor CT series has strong compatibility with Tekla, streamlining your workflow by effortlessly reading material specifications from Tekla files. It simplifies the cutting process with smart material utilization, ensuring maximum efficiency and less waste.

Specifications & parameters

Model C3T
Working area 3048mm*1524mm
Laser output power 6000W / 3000W / 1500W
Positioning accuracy ±0.05mm/m
Repositioning accuracy ±0.03mm
Max. linkage speed 100m/min
Max. acceleration 1G

Applicable industries

CT series is fast and cost-effective, making it an essential tool for metal cutting in various industries.


Metal fabrication

Versatile, precise, and efficient for diverse metal fabrication needs.


Steel bridges

High precision cutting adapts to complex structural needs.


Special vehicles

Customized cutting meets the manufacturing needs of special parts.


Hardware tools

Precision cutting of various materials


Ship containers

Precise cutting ensures the quality of parts.

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