Higher Safety Level

The all-around protective covering isolates laser radiation and pollution, offering higher safety level. Smoke and dust produced during cutting will be automatically collected to ensure a clean operating area. Smart monitoring system helps reduce accident rate.

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Brand New Modular Platform

Modular platform framework solves deformation problem caused by heat and facilitates parts replacement.

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Cast Iron Bed

Pouring Mold, clone production; integrally formed, reject splicing
The usage of flake graphite with the lowest tensile strength of 200MPa gives the whole equipment strong shock absorption, wear resistance, high hardness, high carbon content, high compressive strength.
Low notch sensitivity and thermal sensitivity of cast iron bed reduces the loss of equipment in using, keeps the precision of cutting unchanged permanently and no deformation in its life cycle.

bed product

Automatic focusing function of laser head

By setting perforation focal length and cutting focal length respectively, the cutting is more accurate.
Suitable for multiple focal lengths, and focal position will be automatically adjusted based on thickness of different sheets.

Stretched Aluminum Beam

Aviation-level material with enhanced rigidity, greatly reduces beam deformation during high-speed operation, and improves high-speed directional sensitivity and processing efficiency.

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Active Obstacle Avoidance

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Intelligent Anti-collision

360°radar system can detect any obstacles in advance and Z axis high-speed motion will be activated to imme diately avoid obstacles, avoiding collisions.

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Higher Efficiency, Lower Cost

This function Lowers the damage rate of laser head, and accordingly reduces maintenance cost, prolonging service life of the machine. Avoid production halt caused by collisions, ensuring continuous production.

Double Fast Exchange Tables

Fast exchange of two tables greatly improves efficiency. Chain-drive system has better rigidity and higher accuracy, saving feeding time.

exchange product

Automatic Nozzle Changer

Adopting abundant and accurate control system can realize automatic replacement of nozzles according to different materials and thicknesses, saving manual replacement time and improving processing efficiency, smart and convenient;

Newest automatic calibration and cleaning functions can achieve fully automatic laser head calibration and nozzle cleaning, reducing the repetitive manual work;

High-precision drive system provides a reliable replacement precision and stability to ensure that every replacement can be perfectly safe. Fully enclosed protection of the whole part improves the safety of parts and personal.

Mango Remote Control

Mango shape, elegant curve, use with one hand, magnetic attraction design.

mango product

Bodor Pro 2.0

The operating system can realize intelligent layout of graphics cutting and support the import of multiple graphics, optimizing cutting orders automatically, searching edges smartly and automatic positioning.
Use optimal logic programming and software interactions in control aspect to achieve stunning using experience, effectively improve utilization of sheet metal and reduce leftover material.

The working area is more than just displayed

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