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Smart Processing

One-click for easy processing set-up with a user-friendly interface. When material is running out, an alarm will be triggered to alert the operator.

Semi-automatic Loading System

Manual placement of tubes is required before the tubes are automatically transported to the processing area. Simultaneously preparing the next tube for processing while the processing is executed enables efficient and continuous processing operation.

Flexible Loading

T-loader is capable of processing tubes with diameters ranging from Φ20mm to Φ230mm (square tubes with sides ranging from □20mm to □160mm) and lengths from 4500mm to 9200mm, including round tubes, square tubes, and rectangular tubes.

Applicable Model


T Series

All-around fiber laser metal tube cutting machine


Applicable Industry

applicable industry

Elevator Industry

applicable industry

Heavy Machinery Industry

applicable industry

Pipeline Industry

Technical Data

Device model T-Loader2 T-Loader3
Dimension 6598*2800*1265mm/9598*2800*1265mm 9598*3850*1400mm
Maximum machinable tube length 6500mm/9200mm 6500mm/9200mm
Weight 1200kg/1510kg 1750kg
Round tube size range Φ20-Φ230mm Φ20-Φ350mm
Square tube size range □20- □160mm □20- □350mm
Rectangular tube size range 160mm≥Side length≥20mm 350mm≥Side length≥20mm
Maximum tube weight 300kg 600kg
Tube loading length range 4500mm-6500mm/4500mm-9200mm 4500mm-6500mm/4500mm-9200mm
Maximum load capacity of storage bin 1.8t 3.6t

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