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Bodor Dream Series Flagship Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Unlock unlimited possibilities with Dream series - Where imagination meets high quality and precision.


Great stability guarantees performance in highly dynamic scenarios

High-end laser cutting

Thanks to the capability to cut a wide range of metal materials with varying thicknesses, the Dream series improves the productivity of laser cutting as well as the diversity of use cases.

Superior performance

Dream series delivers top-notch quality, allowing for faster, smoother, and more precise laser cutting. An ideal choice to meet your high standards.

Time efficiency

Dream series saves time and efforts by optimizing the laser cutting process to achieve a more streamlined production.

Features & enhancements


Linear motor with magnetic levitation

By eliminating mechanical friction, the magnetic levitation technology enables smooth machinery operations. The liner motor can achieve acceleration up to 4.0G and axes speeds up to 200m/min.


One-click processing

Set up your tasks ahead of time and let Dream series do the rest. Once the operation begins, it will automatically complete edge searching, range checking, and cutting one after another. With Dream series, you can finish batch production easily without any repetitive procedures.


Active collision avoidance systems

BodorGenius, Bodor’s intelligent laser head, uses sensors and algorithms to detect potential obstacles like warped edges and automatically avoids a collision. It largely ensures the stability as well as operating efficiency in the cutting process.


Anti-burning mineral casting plate

Bodor’s newly developed anti-burning plate, made by mineral casting, provides numerous advantages in slag removal, operations, modular design, fire resistance, and hardness. When in use, the plate prevents material residue and avoids heat damage to the machine bed generated by cutting, essentially lowering maintenance costs and offering better durability. Its lightweight structure also makes it easy to replace during regular maintenance.


Intelligent remnant layout

To achieve maximum material utilization, all you need to do is uploading cutting shapes to the control system via your mobile phone. Dream series is able to automatically finish positioning as well as nesting. The higher the percentage of utilization, the better and more economical the process. Enjoy the benefits of significantly increased cost savings.


Lightning piercing

The technology offers rapid, precise piercing with reduced amount of time. It features efficiency monitored processes, focus adjustment, and integration with BodorGenius. This enables quick piercing in sync with the cutting head's movement, optimizing operations for medium-thick plates without extra time or motion.


Automatic nozzle changer

Dream series can automatically replace nozzles without any human intervention. It also provides automated nozzle cleaning, lowering costs and saving time in operation.


One second edge finding

One-second edge finding ensures rapid material positioning and focus calibration. With an optical camera, the system automatically identifies the material’s position and locates its origin and angular offset within 1 second. This visual and algorithmic innovation simplifies operating procedures and completes cutting, recognition, and focus compensation in one go, largely reducing working time.


Intelligent pressure adjustment

Based on the air pressure deviation feedback from the system, Dream series automatically adjusts pressure without manual intervention. The air pressure set in the software corresponds directly to the actual cutting air pressure in use, ensuring operating safety and efficiency.

Specifications & parameters




Working area 3048mm*1524mm
Laser output power 60000W / 30000W / 24000W / 12000W / 6000W
Positioning accuracy ±0.01mm/m
Repositioning accuracy ±0.01mm
Max. linkage speed 200m/min
Working area 4000mm*2000mm
Laser output power 60000W / 30000W / 24000W / 12000W / 6000W
Positioning accuracy ±0.01mm/m
Repositioning accuracy ±0.01mm
Max. linkage speed 200m/min
Working area 6100mm*2500mm
Laser output power 60000W / 30000W / 24000W / 12000W / 6000W
Positioning accuracy ±0.01mm/m
Repositioning accuracy ±0.01mm
Max. linkage speed 200m/min

Applicable industries

To meet the requirements of upscale metal fabrication products, a reliable laser cutting solution is essential in terms of the highest quality and operating efficiency. The Dream series offers just that.



Dream series is capable of producing complex and precise cuts for spare parts of luxury cars that require high-performance and lightweight materials.


Renewable energy

With its advanced technology, Dream series is the perfect tool for creating high-precision components like intricate parts of electric vehicle batteries, thus contributing to the development of the renewable energy industry.



Dream series can be used to manufacture various building components such as metal roofing, cladding, and facade panels. It can also produce custom designs and patterns for decorative metal sheets for interior and exterior applications.

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