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Bodor U10 Pro Structural Steel Laser Cutting Machine

Target solution for your projects. This is where large steel structures are created.


Extraordinary performance for extraordinary achievements

Six in one

Customized for H-beam steel processing, the machine combines six production procedures (auto-loading, punching, notching, beveling, cutting, and auto-unloading) in one stop to maximize operating efficiency.

Save time with intelligent features

Enjoy intuitive, automatic workflow in a simple and efficient way. Both loading and unloading processes reduce labor costs and save time investment.

High productivity

The comprehensive upgrade of structural steel manufacturing processes increases efficiency by 200%.

Features & enhancements


Fully automatic operation

The entire system, from transition to processing area, can be completed without any manual intervention. The loading process takes less than 20 seconds, and the unloading mechanism efficiently organizes work pieces based on their varying lengths, eliminating any worries associated with material distribution.


5-axis cutting

The 5-axis linkage (across A, C, X, Y, Z linear axes) processes all sides of an H-beam part in a single setup. The 180° reciprocating motion further guarantees superior surface finishes and overall better part quality.


Compatible drawings with Tekla

With Tekla compatibility, component separation becomes an easy task. Import 3D models created with external formats. For each ungrouped component, the software generates processing codes for operations automatically, enhancing work efficiency.


Locking notch in one operation

To cut structural steel, the laser head maintains a specific distance above the work piece. By executing lock seam/notch cutting in one pass, the equipment eliminates the need for manual polishing and boosts efficiency by 100%.

Specifications & parameters

Tube cross-sectional shape I-beam、H-beam
Tube size range 600mm×300mm-1000mm×600mm
Maximum machinable tube length6200mm-13500mm
Dimensions 36900mm×6600mm×3420mm
Maximum tube weight 6t
Positioning accuracy 0.05mm/m
Repositioning accuracy 0.03mm

Applicable industries

The demand for structural steel applications is continuously rising, thereby creating plenty of industry opportunities. The U series is designed to provide tailored solutions for structural steel processing, and the U10 Pro is the ideal workstation for handling large-scale projects.


Structural steel

With its specialization in H-beam steel cutting, the U10 Pro can process heavy materials for infrastructure, construction, and mechanical manufacturing purposes.



Structural steel cutting is the very first as well as the most crucial step in ship construction. You can entrust this crucial process to the U series with complete peace of mind.



Thanks to its ability to construct robust work pieces, the U10 Pro would be the ideal manufacturer choice for petrochemical process plants.

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