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Bodor Ranks No.1 in Global Sales for 5 Consecutive Years

Company News

Bodor announces its No.1 record in global sales volume in 2023. The company has held its ground as the No.1 in the global laser market for five years in a row, from 2019 through 2023. The year-over-year increase in production reflects a rising demand for laser solutions within the metal fabrication industry.


Better supply chain conditions and stronger consumer base put Bodor on track for the robust gains. Bodor operates through its subsidiaries located in various countries including the United States, South Korea, Hungary, India, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, and Vietnam. With a sales volume of over 7200 lasers, Bodor expanded its global presence and showcased its dedication to innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction.


New business segment for further revenue growth

The launch of BodorWelder 1500 Pro in December 2023 was a crucial addition to the product line, representing a breakthrough in a new laser technique. This self-cooling handheld laser welding machine received great reviews once entered the market. Not only is this welder suitable for handling large quantities in a manufacturing setting, but it also proves to be an excellent option for enthusiasts engaged in individual laser welding projects. The success of the BodorWelder series demonstrated Bodor’s potential as a global manufacturer in laser tech research and innovation.


“Give Me 5” warranties for core parts

Bodor’s commitment to its clients extends beyond the point of sale. Seeing the significance of maintenance in laser machinery, in 2023, Bodor introduced a comprehensive Five-Year Warranty for its original core components (which are BodorGenius laser head, BodorPower laser source, and BodorThinker control system). The integrated coverage assures clients of Bodor’s confidence in the quality and durability of its products, giving them peace of mind in every purchase.


Extensive after-sales service network

With overseas warehouses covering 180+ countries and regions, Bodor ensures that after-sales service, including installation processes, will never become an issue for the clients. The response time for in-person field service calls shortens, and the productivity and flexibility for troubleshooting increases. Whether for maintenance, repairs, or technical support, Bodor’s service infrastructure stands ready to address customer needs.

“As new manufacturing technologies emerge, the scope of laser applications expands. We are thrilled to once again be acknowledged as the market leader in laser solutions, a milestone that reflects the positive feedback from our customers over the years,” said Adam Liu, the CEO at Bodor Overseas Marketing Center, “Maintaining the top position for five consecutive years is a significant achievement. Building upon this achievement, we count on our teams and the brand influence to further strengthen our position in the global metal fabrication industry.”

At Bodor, we have always believed that the laser machine is only as good as the support behind it. Bodor’s global No.1 sales performance of more than 7200 lasers in 2023 is an indicator to its consistent pursuits of excellence in innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction. As we look ahead, we look forward to another year of driving continued growth and success in laser technologies.


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