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Bodor T Series Performance Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Discover a performance model with multiple intelligent functions. Let T series take care of your metal fabrication projects with intuitive operation.

Excellent performance for your tube production line

Efficiency master

High productivity is always essential. The processing efficiency on a single pipe is generically 20% faster than other cutting techniques. Leading you ahead of the game, T series brings in master-level processing experience.

High-speed cutting

Fast cutting with no interruptions. With a power of up to 12 kilowatts, you can finish your projects in record time.

Power & precision

Enhance precision in materials with different thicknesses. Bodor’s laser heads achieve highest level of quality, producing precise cuts effortlessly.

Versatile applications

T series is applicable to cutting for various shapes of tubes. Whether it’s round, rectangular, or irregular profiles, T series has got you covered.

Features & enhancements


Centering completed in 1 second. No waiting time.

Unlike traditional capacitor centering, T series finishes centering in just 0.26 seconds, doubling its cutting precision. There’s no downtime as the process can start right away. This technique is not affected by external situations like environments, temperatures, light, or tube conditions, stabilizing operations with high adaptability.


Speed up to 160

With a feeding speed up to 160m/min and a rotating speed up to 160r/min, T series improves processing efficiency by 20% in comparison to that of the industry standard.


Intelligent adaptive processing

With Bodor’s cutting process database, T series’ control system is able to intelligently select and match the best cutting parameters (e.g. feeding speed, chuck rotating speed, and clamping force) based on the types of the tubes, ensuring the best operating performance at all times. It as well substantially cuts down labor costs since it requires zero manual intervention.


Combined roller support

The full coverage support of the U-shaped combined roller ensures tube stability even during high-speed rotating (up to 160r/min) and greatly improves cutting precision.


Servo-flipping unloading plate

The servomechanism of T series guarantees all machinery procedures work synchronously. The new servo-flipping plate has adaptive motions to facilitate the unloading process. While preventing redundant shaking or moving of the work piece, the plate is able to automatically categorize work pieces and remnant into different piles, thus lowering labor costs.


Cutting of different tubes and profiles

T series machines allow users to manufacture standard and customized-shaped steel tubes for their application needs. They have the capability to cut tubing in square, rectangular, flat sided oval, elliptical and many other custom shapes in a variety of metals.


Automatic Loading (optional)

T-Series can be paired with the automatic loading system T-Trans and/or the auxiliary loading device T-Loader. You can choose either one of them based on your production needs.


Excellent bevel cuts (optional)

The bevel cutting option of T series enables the production of high-precision bevel cuts in +/- 45 degrees, optimizing subsequent assembly procedures and welding performance while lowering production costs.


Weld seam Identification (optional)

With a simple camera set-up, T series can quickly detect weld seams located on the inside. This option is applicable to a variety shapes of tubes. It is particularly helpful to manufacturers who would like to avoid weld seams during laser cutting.

Specifications & parameters



Requirements for Tubes ①Diameter<Φ50mm, Thickness≥1.2mm
②Diameter≥Φ50mm, Ratio of tube thickness and diameter≥2.5%
Tube Size Range Φ8-230mm
Maximum Tube Length 6500mm/9200mm
Maximum Tube Weight 300kg
Max. Chuck Rotating Speed 160r/min
Max. Chuck Feeding Speed 160m/min
Shortest Remnant 90mm
Max. Unloading Length 4500mm
1-second centering
Automatic Adjustment of Clamping force
Following servo unloading plate
Intelligent Adaptive Processing
Combined Roller
Requirements for Tubes ①Diameter<Φ50mm, Thickness≥1.2mm
②Diameter≥Φ50mm, Ratio of tube thickness and diameter≥2.5%
Tube Size Range Φ25-356mm
Maximum Tube Length 6500mm/9200mm
Maximum Tube Weight 600kg
Max. Chuck Rotating Speed 80r/min
Max. Chuck Feeding Speed 100m/min
Shortest Remnant 110mm
Max. Unloading Length 4500mm
1-second centering ×
Automatic Adjustment of Clamping force
Following servo unloading plate
Intelligent Adaptive Processing
Combined Roller

Applicable industries

Designed for cutting different shapes of tubes, get to know how T series functions in multiple manufacturing industries.


Tubes & pipes

The future of metal processing relies on intelligent production. T series is able to facilitate metal tube cutting projects with various profiles.


Fitness equipment

Let the road to fitness be lit with T series. Fitness equipment manufactured by T series lasers includes weight benches, weight stands, and squat stands.



Whether it is cooking tools or utensils, T series offers tailor-made solutions for your kitchen. It is applicable in particular to the manufacturing of metal kitchenware like stock pots, ladles, pizza peels, and cutlery sets.


Window & door frames

Thanks to its reliable power, T series demonstrates great performance when it comes to windows and doors. With steady output, T series machines enhance the structure of supporting frames.


Metal hardware

Construct all kinds of metal hardware equipment with T series. The capacity to handle batches of metal tubes is a great indicator of its reliable quality.

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