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Flagship Product

High-performance Product

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High-performance Product

Economical Product

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Handheld laser welding machine

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Smart Processing

One click to set up batch processing of tubes with user-friendly interface. Alarm sounds when material is running low.

Effortless Automatic Loading

Simple & easy operation without human intervention. Tubes can be seamlessly transported to the processing area while the next tube is prepared for processing.

Versatile Loading

K-Trans is capable of processing tubes with diameters from Φ20mm to Φ120mm and lengths from 5500mm to 6500mm. Whether you're working with round, square or rectangular tubes, this machine has you covered.

Applicable Model


K Series

Entry-level fiber laser metal tube cutting machine


Applicable Industry

applicable industry

Furniture Industry

applicable industry

Window and Door Industry

applicable industry

Cycling Industry

Technical Data

Device model K-Trans1 K-Trans2
Dimension 6445*1832*1420mm
Weight ≈800kg
Round tube size range φ20-φ120mm
Square tube size range □20-□80mm
Rectangular tube size range 120mm≥Side length≥20mm ,
Circumscribed circle diameter≤120mm
120mm≥Side length≥20mm ,
Circumscribed circle diameter≤230mm
Maximum tube weight 80kg
Tube loading length range 5500-6500mm
Maximum load capacity of storage bin 700kg

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