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Flagship Product

High-performance Product

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15 Years of Excellence and Innovation


Founded in 2008, Bodor is an international laser solution provider devoted to the state-of-the-art laser technology. With 15 years’ footprint of pursuing excellent product quality with innovative technologies and responsive services, Bodor has earned the trust and support of customers and partners. Now, Bodor has become a global leader in the laser cutting industry and aims to provide a brighter future through laser technology.

Global Development Journey

Bodor actively brings high-quality laser cutting machines to customers worldwide. The products have been exported to more than 180 countries and regions, and have received recognition and praise. Together with thousands of global Bodor customers, partners and employees, it is creating a brighter future for laser technology applications.


A small factory becomes an international industrial park


10+ subsidiaries across the world— United States, Germany, Japan, India, South Korea, Hong Kong, Hungary, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, and more.


Presence at world’s top exhibitions #BodorWorldTour

Four Years at the Top Position

Emerging out of the challenges faced globally, Bodor has consistently held the top position in global sales volume for four consecutive years and has achieved an impressive 32% compound annual growth rate from 2019 to 2022.


From Dream to Reality: Focus on R&D and Innovation

Bodor Laser innovates and adapts to the changing market by focusing on R&D of laser cutting technologies.
Creating competitive and versatile laser cutting machines for various industries and customers, Bodor demonstrates its expertise in laser applications and market insights.

Black Technology


Laser Scanning Cutting

Bodor’s laser scanning cutting technology can control the spot path, allowing beam locus to cover 30 meters for every one meter’s cutting and truly achieving “much faster, much thicker, and free of beam reflection”.

10kW+ Laser Evolution


Launched the world’s first 30kW laser cutting machine


Launched the world’s first 40kW laser cutting machine


Launched the world’s only 22kW laser power


10kW+ laser led the global market with over 2000 units sold


Launched the first Bodor original 50kW laser cutting machine


Launched the world’s first 60kW laser cutting.

100% Bodor R&D

Fully self-developed BodorPower laser power, BodorGenius laser head, BodorThinker control system, BodorNest nesting software, BodorDrive drive system, and BodorMES intelligent production management software enable stable machine operation with premium quality cuts and incredible working efficiency.

To Create Revolutionary and Valuable Experience: Product Evolution

For 15 years, Bodor has introduced many excellent laser application products, aligning market trends and corporate strategy, aiming to offer customers a “revolutionary value enhancement experience” in terms of design, operation, and value creation.



Launched Bodor’s first fiber laser cutting machine — BCL1530FBS.



Introduced high-power laser sheet metal cutting machine — S series.



Developed fiber tube cutting machine products.



Focused on metal laser cutting machines. Created a comprehensive product system of flagship models, high-performance models, economical models, and automation solutions.


Remarkable Achievements

Bodor Laser has earned the trust and acclaim from customers globally due to its outstanding product quality and exemplary service, and the recognition is further emphasized through many awards and honors.

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2017: Ranked No.1 in both export volumes and export value in the laser cutting industry.

2018: Both A & T series garnered the International Industrial Design award - Red Dot Design Award.

2019: Ranked No.1 in global export volumes of laser cutting machines.

2019: Presented with the International Industrial Design award - iF Award.

2021: Acquired the IF Award once again.

2021: Tokyo2020 Olympic and Paralympic symbols all cut by Bodor machines.

2022: Achieved No.1 in global sales volume of laser cutting machines for four consecutive years.


Dream Our Brighter Future

Bodor Laser is a 15-year legend of innovation in the laser cutting machine industry. We excel, overcome, and create in this changing and challenging era. We will lead, offer, uphold, sustain, and contribute to the laser industry and human life.

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