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Bodor Laser Unveils Five-Year Warranty Care for Its Integrated Core Laser Components

Company News

Bodor Laser, the leading global intelligent and automated laser solution provider, debuts an exclusive service policy: Five-year Warranty Care for Three Bodor Core Laser Components. The three core components - the BodorGenius laser head, BodorPower laser source, and BodorThinker control system - are independently innovated by Bodor Laser. With an ingenious integration of these core components, Bodor Laser showcases its strong confidence to offer superior equipment quality and a revolutionary user experience.


Supported by tens of thousands of experiments, the integrated design of the core laser components demonstrates Bodor Laser’s holistic approach to tackling various industry challenges related to mismatched assembly.

"We came up with this integrated core laser components concept to assure customers of an effortless production process and excellent product quality,” said Adam Liu, Bodor Laser’s CEO of Overseas Marketing Center. “Problems such as connection failure, high maintenance costs, and contamination risks have been bothering metal fabricators for a long time, and the integration of core laser components will solve them once and for all."

To provide the best user experience, Bodor Laser's integrated design, production, testing, and delivery for three core laser components reduce the failure rate, ensuring quality throughout transportation, delivery, and maintenance.

Integrated Design: With thousands of drafts, 200,000 parameter adjustments, and MTBF(Mean Time Between Failure) exceeding 45,000 hours in burn-in aging tests, Bodor Laser breaks industry bottlenecks by designing an integrated technique for three core laser components, ensuring perfect compatibility and stable equipment running condition for its users.

Integrated Production: The integrated production process in an ultra-clean environment covers each production step with stringent quality management, guaranteeing three core components act as one with stable performance and quality.

Integrated Testing: 24-hour light emission and over 90 cutting operation tests on the integrated core components achieve optimal cutting performance before packaging for delivery.

Integrated Delivery: The integrated core components require no disassembly or assembly. They are packaged, loaded, and delivered to prevent contamination and damage, substantially reducing the failure rate compared with the mismatched assembly on the market.

“Bodor Laser is always committed to providing our customers with the best solutions and services. The integration of laser components results from our continuous research and development, and we are confident that it will bring a revolutionary service experience to our clients,” said Mr. Liu. “With the five-year warranty, we want to show our customers that we stand behind our products and value their trust and satisfaction.”


About Bodor Laser:

Founded in 2008, Bodor Laser is an international top-notch intelligent and automated laser cutting and welding solution provider for automobiles, aviation, medical care, electronics, metal processing, and various industries. With more than 3,000 employees worldwide, including 20% dedicated to R&D, its service scope spans over 180 countries and regions. The global service centers and engineers provide customers with 24/7 timely support, maintaining long-term and stable partnerships with a variety of manufacturing enterprises.


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