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To know the first 12kW machine installed in Mexico

Company News

On August 27, 2021, the delivery ceremony of the first 12kW metal laser cutting machine in Mexico was successfully held at the Hilton Hotel. Bodor, the manufacturer of this 12kW machine from Shandong, China and its client, Kilmet, invited Federal Deputy Alberto Villa Villegas, President of the Mexico-China Friendship Group of the Chamber of Deputies, as the guest of honor to celebrate the ceremony.


Kilmet, who purchased the first 12kW laser cutting machine in Mexico from Bodor is a great company dedicated to cutting metal. Mingchao Zhang, CEO of Bodor Latin America, attended this ceremony and handed Bodor certificate for this 12kW equipment to their representative of directive.


" Industrial development is part of the mission of Bodor and we aim to provide lower costs and shorter times for customers to get your jobs done faster and also to get more production quantities. The most important thing is that we can have better conditions for the environment," said Zhang. In his vision of the future laser cutting industry, efficiency and environment protection account for the constant and greater development. Mingchao Zhang also signed a collaboration agreement in the ceremony for the promotion of the products of the Bodor with Pablo Chávez Bernal, National President of Business Connection , an organization dedicated to making business alliances between entrepreneurs, businessmen and industrialists.

" In the last ten years we have managed to sign three collaboration agreements with the People's Republic of China, namely with Xiamen, Changchung and Fujian; And today I am very grateful because we are going to sign a new collaboration agreement to open the market in Mexico and achieve new clients for this high technology, " Chávez Bernal remarked.


It is expected that this collaboration agreement will be beneficial for the entrepreneurs of both countries. With the boost of the world’s leading 10kW+ laser technology, there is supposed to be a great revolution and development for laser cutting market in Mexico, as well as Bodor’s partner, Kilmet.

The laser cutting market is now stepping into the era of 10kW+. By August, Bodor’s cumulative sales of 10kW+ laser cutting machines have exceeded 650+ units. Kilmet, like Bodor’s other 650+ ultra-high power clients, mainly takes three considerations for their choice of Bodor 10kW+ equipment.

Why 10kW+?

1.The increasing efficiency- brings higher profits for the enterprise For laser cutting machines, the higher the power, the faster the speed and the higher the efficiency. It can help in shortening the delivery time, so as to bring a higher profit for company.

2.High return on investment- enhances the competitiveness of enterprises Cost-effective: Through large-scale production and technological innovation, Bodor has rapidly reduced the price of 10kW+ products and continues to lead the technological revolution of 10kW+ equipment The economical processing cost bring in a high return on investment.

3.Trust-worthy quality-wins endorsements from 650+ clients Bodor ranks first in the world in both production and sales, which provides a good evidence for product quality.

"Efficiency and profits are just one of the many benefits of a 10kW+ machine. Another is that we share mutual development generated from the advanced laser technology. We have made much efforts to research and develop it since 2017 because we regard laser as the next trigger for the future and our own dream. Therefore we appreciate much this cooperation with Kilmet, which accelerates the partnership network of Bodor in Mexico,” emphasized Mingchao Zhang.

Bodor Laser and Kilmet are longstanding partners. The delivery of Mexico’s first 12kW laser cutting machine embodies the hope for future growth, and the development of collaboration between Bodor and its Mexican clients, between China and Mexico as well.


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