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Reaping the benefits of the four-chuck structure of laser tube cutting machine: choosing Bodor M series for 0 tail scrap

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It’s no doubt that less wasteful processing with lower production costs is what every metal fabricator would love to see. In laser tube cutting, the length of tail scrap is indicative of material utilization----the shorter the tube tails, the less material wasted, and the fewer production costs. Let’s do the math, if the tails of a 5000mm-long processed tube was 200mm, then that would be 4% of the material going down to the waste. Hypothetically, with every 200 tubes processed per day, the total amount of wasted tube material comes up to be equivalent to a 40m-long tube.

The number is quite startling, huh? With the right tube laser cutting solution, the room for material utilization improvement could be huge. Bodor M series four chuck laser tube cutting machine is engineered for efficient and precise cutting on tubes of various lengths. This post will be dissecting how Bodor M series four chuck model can achieve ZERO tail scrap during production compared with conventional three chuck models.

How Four Chuck Structure Helps Minimize the Material Costs

Tail scrap is inevitable in tube processing, making up a large part of material costs since in real production, there is always a certain distance between the laser head and the chucks, which prevents the tubes from being thoroughly cut. Synchronized four-chuck clamping while cutting is the secret to Bodor M series’ extraordinary capabilities in reducing the tail length to zero and thus keeping the overall production cost to the minimum. Additionally, it’s worth noting that there is no maximum length for processable tube scrap length since the tube tail processing by Bodor four-chuck model is compatible with material of any length in every production situation.


Yet, in contrast, a conventional three-chuck laser tube cutting machine is not capable of delivering the cutting results with zero tail scrap as it touts. On one hand, with the rear chuck serving the role of supporting and holding the tube, when the front chuck unclamps, the other two chucks are not able to carry the tube moving back and forth to complete the cutting process; on the other hand, the limitations of purported "3+1" chuck structure are evident----the short tube tail material can not be clamped and carried by the chuck for U-turn cutting process. As both cases illustrate, four chuck structure has unparalleled advantages in achieving zero tail scrap cutting, which significantly saves material costs during production.

3 Other Innovative Features of Bodor M Series

Feature 1   Bodor M series is applicable to Bodor automated loading and unloading devices for safe and efficient loading with no need for manual labor involved.

Feature 2   Servo-following roller mounted on the loading side to ensure tubes stay in the center of the chucks, holding the tubes along the cutting trajectories, preventing tubes from shaking and dropping during the cutting process.

Feature 3   Bodor self-developed enclosed pneumatic chuck. Ultra-fast clamping and high dynamic performance. Clamping action can be completed in 2 seconds.

Do yourself a favor, and upgrade your equipment to a Bodor four-chuck model for more efficient and cost-saving tube processing. We are always on hand to discuss your requirements and work together with you to find the machine that meets your production demands. Request a quote today.


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