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Build and Prove Competitiveness: Bodor Laser Is Certified as the No.1 for 3 Consecutive Years

Industry News

The global laser cutting machine provider, Bodor Laser, has won the certification by Shenzhen Forward Industry Research Institute Co., Ltd. which certifies that its sales volume of laser cutting machines of 1kW and above ranked No.1 for three consecutive years, respectively in 2019, 2020, and 2021.


On July 22, 2022 at the awarding ceremony, Bodor received the official certification from Forward, witnessed by representatives of Guangdong Laser Industry Association, Shanghai Yitong Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd., and other associations attending the ceremony online.

Bodor Laser sold a total of 5190 1kW and above laser cutting machines in 2021, with the number increasing by nearly 35% compared with 3727 units in 2020 which are 39% more than that of 2019. A positive increase is unusual under the pressure of historic labor and supply chain challenges in this COVID era. The growth underlines Bodor’s focus on laser metal cutting machine solutions and proves the core competitiveness it keeps building.

“COVID-19, political and military conflicts, supply chain crisis, even though the manufacturing industry is deterred by challenges like these, we were able to sell the most laser cutting machines of 1kW and above, not only in a single year but three consecutive years from 2019 to 2021,” said Adam Liu, Bodor Laser's CEO of Overseas Marketing Center. “The world is changing fast, and someone can’t help losing while technology development and iteration. Ordinary enterprises know the importance of following the trend, but fail to build their core competitiveness to drive constant success and long-term growth. Thanks to the self-developed innovations, customer-oriented service, convenient global sales channels, and effective team, production, and logistic, Bodor has been distinguished among competitors and kept on top of customers’ minds for these years.”

Self-developed Innovations

Bodor products have the highly consistent "five-in-one" original ecology, and the core devices are all self-developed by Bodor, namely BodorGenius laser head , BodorPower laser source , BodorCutting cutting process database , Bodor transmission system , and BodorThinker bus system . On March 1st, Bodor launched the next-generation Laser Scanning Cutting Machine, which subverts the industry and creates a brand new category. Compared with the conventional laser cutting machine, the laser scanning cutting machine cuts much faster, much thicker, and is free of beam reflection (also for highly reflective materials). The laser scanning cutting technology has been another disruptive innovation for laser cutting since the fiber laser replaced CO2 ten years ago.


Why does Bodor put importance on self-developed innovations?

Technology innovations are the vital energy for a laser company to drive itself to win competition and offer better solutions to its customers. And nowadays, laser cutting machine manufacturers are no longer simply equipment providers. Customers need constant support and new solutions which make them ready for the fast changing and competitive industry. When a laser company sets its core technologies under control of others, its customers will have to face the risk of sudden collapse. Therefore, we believe, to play in this new environment, self-developed innovations is the secret path to constant success.

Customer-oriented Service

Bodor has improved its service network covering more than 180 countries around the world, including the five-star service center, and 24-hour online service support, which achieves convenient maintenance and fast response after receiving customers' fault feedback even during the epidemic, so as to provide customers with a professional and timely service guarantee. Many Bodor customer service engineers have been rushing between customer factories. Their professional ability helped Bodor customers around the world improve production efficiency, and their service spirit was recognized and admired.


“Helping People” is a very important part of the core value of Bodor. We persevere in self-improvement, nurture great love for all beings, deliver love through love, and impact lives through lives. With this principle, we aim to build a service system that solves the customers’ problem first and provide services that give customers an incredible experience.

Complete Global Sales Channels

Bodor has a super factory in China, and 4 overseas technical centers, respectively in Germany, the United States, Korea, and India. Since its inception, Bodor laser has set up 10 overseas subsidiaries, respectively in the US, India, Hungary, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Hongkong, and Germany. The global footprint of Bodor has now covered over 180 countries and regions, building a complete sales channel with plenty of excellent local dealers and professional sales representatives, accelerating the market penetration of Bodor laser cutting machines.


Effective Team, Production, and Logistic

Every successful organization is based on an effective team. No matter in the marketing department, sales department, service department, R&D department, or production department and else, all employees at Bodor adhere to the principle — "Simple in Life, Best in Work".


We stay low key in life and high profile in work; build simple and transparent interpersonal relationships; we are bent on work and life dreams rather than complex relationships. Integrity makes people reliable and enterprises prosperous. Bodor's employees deem integrity as the cornerstone to building the enterprise and individual brands. By ensuring the simple and easy working environment, we have the potential to fulfill our responsibilities, which keep the organization successful and make things customers care a lot, like production and logistics, effective.

Bodor is born to make a difference with laser technology, as Kong Jie, the president of Bodor Laser, said. So, we aim to more than rank No.1 by sales volume. With the impact of the geopolitical situation, the intermittent pandemic, and the supply chain risks in 2022, the future is still dynamic and uncertain, but we believe our core competitiveness will make a significant contribution to further expanding Bodor’s leadership to sales revenue.


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