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400 Units of 10kW+ Ultra-high Power Laser Cutting Machines, Hits a New High

Industry News

Standing over the old year, we celebrate the new year. At the beginning of 2021, Bodor has performed amazingly in the fiercely competitive 10kW+ laser cutting machine market, achieving a cumulative global sales volume of 400 units of 10kW+ equipment. Behind the miracle is the recognition of Bodor 10kW+ laser cutting products and the trust in Bodor brand by global customers.


Trust in Bodor Technology

As a part of intelligent manufacturing, the laser industry has ushered in a new golden time of development in which 10kW+ cutting technology, the application representative of high-end laser technology, is favored by more and more metal processing companies, becoming the best choice for companies to improve quality and efficiency, transform and upgrade. Bodor 10kW+ laser cutting machine, whose cutting thickness is thicker and cutting application scenarios more extensive, can bring real speed improvement and cost reduction for enterprises. In terms of 10kW+ laser technology, Bodor has mastered the core technology of 30000W/40000W. In 2019, Bodor completed the world premiere of 25000W and 30000W, and in 2020, the world premiere of 40,000W, becoming the industry's ultra-high power laser application vane.

Praise for Bodor Service

We have established a three-dimensional laser service system which contributes to the steadily increasing sales of 10kW+ laser cutting machines of Bodor and creates a sales miracle in the industry.

We have established a global service network with a professional service team of more than 300 people, providing professional operation and maintenance services for customers in more than 180 countries around the world.

We regularly carry out service activities and provide on-site service to old customers and on-site guidance on the use status and operation process of the equipment.

Bodor Cloud, a service platform which achieves an instant connection to online services, allows users to get a quick service response.


Bodor has been focusing on laser cutting for more than ten years with great efforts on R&D. We continue to upgrade our products to improve the cutting efficiency and cutting stability of the products and to upgrade our services to improve the value and competitiveness of companies of our customers. Our 10kW+ cutting equipment has also become a favorite of enterprises. As it shows, only by truly satisfying consumers' desires, innovating and developing can we get ahead in the fierce competition, and Bodor 10kW+ laser cutting equipment is undoubtedly leading the direction.


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