A Cast Iron Bed Lasts Forever




Mold pouring, clone production; integrally formed, reject splicing


Using flake graphite cast iron, the lowest tensile strength of which is 200MPa. High carboncontent,
high compressive strength and high hardness. Strong shock absorption and wearresistance. Low
thermal sensitivity and bed gap sensitivity reduce the loss of equipment in using, so the machine
accuracy could maintain for a long time, and no deformation in a life cycle.

Why do we choose cast iron bed?

Mechanical Principle Advantage of Cast Iron Bed

  • Material is more suitable

    Machine bed focuses on processability, stability and damping capacity. Q235A is a low carbon steel, the damping capacity is low. While gray iron has high carbon content,and the main form of carbon is flake graphite, this structure could improve shock absorption and wear resistance and reduce wastage of machine bed during processing.

  • Technique is more suitable

    All-in-one-shaped casting process after aging treatment,we can ignore its heat induced internal stress,that is to say it has high stability and could maintain machine tool accuracy.

  • Structure is more reasonable

    While casting lathe bed is integrated with single material, it can choose optimal force bearing point and supporting structure to make the whole mechanical property of lathe bed perfect.

Models equipped with cast iron bed

Performance advantage

  • 1

    Much more stable

  • 2

    Much more accuracy

  • 3

    Much more anti-shocking

Why many domestic manufacturers do not use casting bed

Casting bed has a high request on the technical strength and supply chain’s quality, especially the casting structural design. It is difficult to make structural design fit with casting process. As the workpiece size is too large, if lacking casting experience, it is easy to cause casting defects, such as trachoma, loosing, broken and other defects. We have strong technical strength and supply chain to ensure that we can produce high-quality casting bed.

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