Bodor Cloud

IoT Cloud Platform for Fiber Laser CNC Machines

Digital Management of Equipment,
Storage of Traceable Data

Bodor Cloud offers digital management of equipment and basic data support.
Information such as model number and components will be recorded in detail and traceable.

Access through Multiple Devices,
All-around Information Display

Using computer, mobile phones and PDA, you can check, whenever and wherever you want, equipment information such as basic parameters, history of malfunction and maintenance, real-time operational data, operating alert, warranty information, current task, spare parts, graphic manual, pictures and videos.

display product

Real-time Equipment Monitoring,
Automatic Malfunction Alert

Bodor Cloud offers various equipment monitoring services, which can achieve real-time equipment status monitoring, remote maintenance, equipment alert, management of equipment location and monitoring on mobile devices. And Bodor Cloud has powerful calculating engines, users can set the conditions for alert, and automatic alert will be triggered when the conditions are fulfilled.

alert product
alert product

Apply for After-sale Service on Bodor Cloud Platform

On the basis of monitoring data and malfunction maintenance, users can initiate maintenance order, then after-sale service will start problem handling, which is traceable, improving the efficiency of problem feedback and after-sale service.

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