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Bodor at IMTEX Forming 2024 - Highlights


Bodor India recently participated in the IMTEX Forming 2024, Asia’s largest exhibition for metal fabrication and manufacturing technologies, in Bangalore, India, from January 19 to 23. The event attracted over 500 exhibitors from 18 countries.


Bodor India welcomed visitors from metal fabrication industries seeking excellent, reliable laser solutions to optimize their operations. Bodor’s presence spanned across over 600 square meters, showcasing the versatility and breadth of its products.

We demonstrated a range of laser technologies:
· C6 high-powered 30kW sheet metal laser
· K3 tube cutting system with seamless automation
· BodorWelder 1500 Pro self-cooling handheld laser welding machine

Connecting with clients

The technology alone is never enough. The IMTEX Forming provided a great platform for us to make connections and engage in meaningful discussions with our local clients. Live demonstrations of the laser machines throughout the event not only enabled attendees to experience Bodor’s technology firsthand, but they also fostered more interests and conversations regarding the latest trends within the field.


Beyond presentations, we emphasized our commitment to building long-lasting partnerships with our clients. We invited two of our most important local clients to celebrate the occasion together on-site.

The first client to join the celebration was an owner of 20 Bodor laser machines, who gave a speech about our longstanding business collaboration. It was a strong testament to the client’s trust in Bodor’s quality that has been built over the years. Bodor is dedicated to maintaining this trust by continually delivering lasers with great performance.

The second client to join the celebration was a chemical equipment manufacturer as well as the first user of Bodor’s M series tube laser in India. The M series expands the potential of 4-chuck laser cutting, as the extra 4th chuck tackles manufacturing waste and improves material utilization in tube processing. The client’s faith in Bodor’s capabilities has always been a driving force behind the relationship.


A vision for the future

As the curtains closed on IMTEX Forming 2024, Bodor stands poised to continue its path of laser innovation. We would like to extend our gratitude to all who stopped by at our stand and contributed to the success. Thank you for being part of our journey in Bangalore, India!

About Bodor India

As a proud subsidiary of Bodor Laser, Bodor India has made significant strides in the local market. Its strong presence can be felt across India with 7 overseas warehouses, 6 office sites, and more than 150 local employees. What’s even more exciting is that there are over 2,000 Bodor machines operating in India, including 100+ 10kW ultra-high power models.


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