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Efficiency first - Magic function you must know if you cut thin metal sheets


In the process of thin sheet metal or edge cutting, the slat gap and the fluctuation of cutting air pressure cause that the metal sheet vibrates and the sheet edge shakes, making the cutting head often shake violently, the processing abnormal, and the workpiece scrapped during cutting thin metal sheet or cutting at edges, due to its follow-up sensitivity.

Annoying problems you won’t want to happen:

· Inefficient and discontinuous cutting which is inevitable when the cutting process is often stopped by the abnormal shake of sheets and laser heads slows your business growth.

· Have to modify the graphics as the processing is stopped by the abnormal shake of sheets and laser heads.

· Replacing the sheet requires multiple parameters debugging, which takes up time and cost. Why there is no intelligent and automatic processing mechanism?

· Mechanical abnormalities of the cutting head directly affect the use and maintenance of equipment and seriously affect processing accuracy and stability.

· Abnormal processing results in easy scrapping of workpieces. If large spaces between the sheet edge and the workpiece are set to solve it, you will get low sheet utilization and waste of material.

How to avoid them?

If your business requires high efficiency to process thin sheets and is bothered by all those above, the Bodor Active Anti-shake function is the perfect option for you to solve them.

If the cutting follow-up height maintains high accuracy and high sensitivity, the cutting quality requirements for uneven sheets are achievable. However, the shaking caused by air pressure fluctuation when cutting thin sheets or edges makes the high follow-up sensitivity useless, but the low sensitivity can not meet the processing requirements of medium and thick plates. With Bodor Active Anti-shake function, the system of the machine can prevent the abnormal condition of sheets with different thicknesses, and intelligently identify the processing, so as to keep high follow-up sensitivity with the ability to adapt thin sheets cutting and edge cutting perfectly.

The principle of the function

By optimizing the software control mechanism, processing algorithm, and upgrading the software logic and response mechanism, Bodor Active Anti-shake enables the system to automatically match various cutting processes and prevent abnormal states. Recognizing the different processes and changes in sensing signals, it can sense the signal variation range of medium and thick plates, identify the fluctuation range of severe shaking of thin sheets, distinguish the sensing range of edge cutting, and automatically identify and enable corresponding algorithms to ensure stable, continuous and efficient cutting process.







Metal sheets cutting demo with Active Anti-shaking function

After using the function, the convenience you will experience:

1. Efficient and continuous cutting by reducing the abnormal cutting time which is caused by the violent shake of sheets and laser heads

2. No need to modify graphics by keeping the continuous cutting

3. Intelligent identification of various sheet specifications, improving the dynamic performance and fast response of cutting head

4. Less damage to accuracy and stability.

5. Low scrap rate of cutting the workpiece, higher the utilization rate of sheets


Now Bodor Active Anti-shake function is available for all Bodor models.


Better cutting experience and efficiency are key to consider when choosing a laser cutting machine, and they are also why Bodor pursues innovations and is trusted by numerous global metal fabricators.


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