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Bodor Intelligent Cutting Application- Active anti-collision

Industry News

In the process of metal fabrication by laser cutters, how to avoid the collision of the fiber laser head of the cutting machine is a basic safety problem, especially at the idling state between two graphics. Because the idling speed of the laser head is much higher than its processing speed, when the workpiece juts beyond the sheet surface, it is more likely to hit the workpiece by the side of the laser head. If the collision cannot be avoided effectively, the production efficiency of the laser metal cutting machine decreases and even accidents may be caused by the laser head damage.

Damage Loss

1.The cost of repair and even replacement caused by laser head collision damage is very expensive.

2.The shutdown of production caused by equipment damage may waste time from days to weeks, leaving an inestimable loss.

3.Collision may cause precision change and equipment parts deformation because of hitting. It is also necessary to readjust the precision of the laser cutting machine bed and replace other parts.

In order to help clients solve the problem, we, as a laser cutter company, equip the Active anti-collision function for Bodor laser machines, which are more suitable for the actual processing needs on site. With features below, it enormously improves the safety and processing efficiency of metal cutting machinery.

1.High dynamic response for sheet metal laser cutter

By optimizing the algorithm of follow-up, the maximum performance of the motor of the fiber laser cutter is brought into play, which can not only ensure the stability in the cutting process, but also ensure the rapidity during the idling state. When an obstacle is detected, the Z-axis responds at high speed to avoid the obstacle. The obstacle, axis speed and height are perceived in advance to improve the obstacle avoidance ability. When an obstacle is detected, the Z-axis speed is increased to twice their normal speed to shorten the Z-axis on-board time to avoid interference for the fiber cutting machine caused by the warping of cutting parts in the process of sheet batch cutting.

2.No need of the induction ring

In order to ensure the safety of the laser head, when it is about to touch the sheet, the safety protection and the collision alarm on the side of the laser head are triggered. Then the laser cutter for metal stops moving immediately.

The probability of laser head hitting the sheet without Active anti-collision function avoidance equipment is 2%, which is quite easy to cause the dislocation of machined parts and scrap the machined parts. Further processing needs to be repositioned, which seriously affects the processing efficiency. The probability of collision after using Active anti-collision is as low as 1% to ensure the processing stability the laser cutting machine. According to our research, collision accounts for 40% of all the factors causing the damage of the laser head. Starting the Active anti-collision greatly reduces the probability of occurrence, reduces the customer's maintenance cost, avoids the shutdown caused by maintenance, and prolongs the service life of the machine.

At present, the function can be applied to almost all Bodor machines.


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