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Q0 Pro Small Tube High Efficiency
Laser Cutting Machine

Looking for a laser cutting machine to meet your diverse small tube cutting needs? One that saves time, enhances efficiency, and cuts costs? Your search ends here with the Q0 Pro small tube high efficiency laser cutting machine - your perfect solution for efficient and precise small tube cutting.


Your Best Choice for Small Tube Cutting

Expert High-speed Small Tube Processing

With features designed specifically for small tube processing, and a fully automated loading structure, the Q0 Pro significantly improves your production efficiency.

Easy and Fast Operation

Q0 Pro makes small tube cutting easy. With smart features and simple operations like full servo adjustment, over-edge protection, automatic focus, and lightning piercing, you’ll get fast and smooth cuts every time.

Revolutionary Processing Steps

Say goodbye to traditional processes like sawing, turning, punching, and drilling. With the Q0 Pro, you get everything in one automated cutting process and double your efficiency.

Versatile and Flexible Cutting

Our BodorThinker Tube system lets you keep up with customer design demands like never before. Plus, our sleek, compact design not only enhances your workspace but also ensures optimal space utilization.

Save Huge Manual Handling and Material Costs

Our automated cutting process, high-quality cutting results, and impressive short cutting tailings significantly reduce manual handling costs and leftover material costs. All you need to do is load your material, and let the Q0 Pro handle the rest.

Features & Enhancements


Fully Automatic Loading

Cut tubes hands-free. Just put the bundled materials on the storage rack, press one key, and let the Q0 Pro do the rest. It will automatically select, transfer, and clamp 16-60mm round tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes, and more. Stable loading takes just 20s, achieving non-stop cut feeding for hours and huge savings on labor costs and downtime. That’s how Q0 Pro boosts production efficiency to the max.


Superior Dynamic Performance

Q0 Pro adopts servo motor to control the clamping rollers, which enables the machine system to smartly adjust the distance between two rows of rollers. The chuck maximum speed 180r/min, feed maximum speed 120m/min, high acceleration 1.5G, make cutting faster, more accurate and smoother. This way you can improve your cutting quality, shorten your processing cycle, and fulfil more orders with ease.


BodorThinker Tube System

You can now import 3D drawings into the system for cutting by saving them in IGS format, reducing operation complexity. Plus, Q0 Pro comes with an auto-focus laser head that adjusts focus quickly and automatically, improving your cutting quality, safety and piercing time.


Expert Pneumatic Chuck With Fixed-diameter Collets

The pneumatic chuck with high repeat precision ensures convenient and reliable clamping of tubes. You can also complete its collet replacements in as little as 5 minutes. Our Q0 Pro comes with three sets of fixed-diameter chuck collets that are suitable for different types and sizes of tubes, ensuring that there are no scratches on the tube surface and enhancing clamping safety and stability.


Short Tube Cutting Tailings

Q0 Pro can cut tubes with only 55mm of tailings, maximizing the material utilization and minimizing the leftover material costs. This means you can save more money and resources, and reduce the environmental impact of your production.

Specifications & Parameters

Tube size range Round tube: φ10-φ60mm
Square tube: □10-□60mm
Rectangular: 10mm≤Side length≤60mm
Tube loading range 4500mm-6500mm
Max. tube cutting length 2000mm
Puller cylinder control mode Automatic
Max. tube weight 50kg
Bin bearing capacity 1.5T
Ultra-short tail material 55mm
Dimensions 11500mm*2900mm*1820mm
Overall weight 5T
Positioning accuracy ±0.1mm/m
Repositioning accuracy ±0.1mm
Max. chuck speed 180r/min
Max. x-axis speed 120m/min
Max. feeding acceleration 1.5G

Applicable Industries

Q0 Pro is the ideal solution for industries such as fitness equipment, metal furniture, lighting equipment, and railings. Let Q0 Pro save your time, improve your cutting quality and efficiency, and give your products a competitive edge.


Fitness Equipment

Q0 Pro can cut various types of small tubes used in fitness equipment, such as elliptical trainers, treadmills, exercise bikes, and rowing machines.


Lighting Equipment

Q0 Pro also enables high-level manufacturing of stainless steel and aluminum metal parts for lighting equipment.


Metal Furniture

For metal furniture, such as chairs, tables, shelves, racks, and lamps, Q0 Pro can achieve high-quality cutting and effective designs.



Q0 Pro handles different shapes and sizes of tubes, such as round, square, rectangular, and oval. You can produce high-quality railings that are durable and attractive.

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