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BodorWelder 1500 Pro The Self-Cooling Handheld Laser Welding Machine

Bring your welding projects to the next level. With BodorWelder 1500 Pro, you can produce quality welds easily. Thanks to its durability, BodorWelder 1500 Pro is ideal for operations at different workspaces. From prototypes to large-scale production, this machine shows its excellence across the board.


Reliable in extreme cold and heat

Reliable in extreme cold and heat

As a strong indicator of its durability, BodorWelder 1500 Pro is able to maintain stable performance in -20℃ ~ 60℃ and in up to 90% relative humidity levels under rigorous laboratory conditions. It as well keeps consistent welding quality across a diverse range of welding metal pieces.

Self-cooling feature

Self-cooling feature

The key to self-cooling comes from Bodor’s technology of Constant Temperature Circulation. The recyclable refrigerant absorbs excessive heat within the system, transferring the heat out via the heat sink. This ability to withhold temperature variations and high humidity is backed up by laboratory testing for over 10,000 hours.

Continuous light output

Continuous light output

Regardless of external environments, BodorWelder 1500 Pro’s high-efficiency compressor generates laser power continuously 24/7 without disruptions, bringing numerous advantages to welding metals in terms of bending, hardness, and tensile strengths.

High efficiency for different work cases

Steady power

Maintain stable performance in harsh environments. Tested by international laboratories, BodorWelder 1500 Pro generates continuous light output anywhere between -20 to 60 degree Celsius as well as in up to 90% relative humidity.

Superior quality

Adjustable welding power up to 1500W. BodorWelder 1500 Pro provides you with constant processing quality and in line with the most rigorous industrial expectations.

User-friendly operations

Welding parameters come with the machine. No matter what skill levels you are, you will be able to weld perfectly with Bodor’s Welding Process Database.

Simple control

Adjust and store your customized welding solutions in one knob. The all-in-one control knob integrates indispensable functions to facilitate your welding projects.


Lightweight, tool-less assembly. The covering area of 0.24㎡ offers maximum flexibility and convenience for your everyday work, further improving productivity.

Features & enhancements


Intelligent welding process support

Give your welding process additional drive with intelligent functions. The Bodor Welding Process Database incorporates welding parameters for steel from 1 to 4 mm in terms of flat welds and fillet welds. Working as a beginner’s guide, it allows users with different levels of expertise to weld effortlessly.


Smart control knob

The control knob is easy to navigate. Users are able to manage their welding solutions in one setting. They can select welding process and adjust welding parameters (e.g. power, weld bead width, frequency, etc) , and the knob will automatically store customized parameters for their operations in the future.


Portable design, integrated power structure

Without built-in water tanks or cooling fans, BodorWelder 1500 Pro takes up a covering area of 0.24㎡. This compact machine aims to help users with complex welding jobs in diverse working scenarios. It also comes with a set of Bodor welding nozzles, fulfilling all kinds of requirements.

Specifications & parameters

Laser output power 1500W
Maximum welding material thickness 4mm
Optical fiber cable length 10m
Overall weight 55kg
Cooling method Self-cooling
Dimensions 760mm×325mm×540mm
Laser output Continuous
Operating ambient temperature range -20℃ - 60℃

Applicable industries

Designed for smooth production with great precision, discover BodorWelder 1500 Pro’s approach to multiple industries.


Sheet metal

The future of sheet metal processing relies on intelligent production. Let BodorWelder 1500 Pro take care of your sheet metal welding project with intuitive operation.


Medical devices

Welding with extreme delicacy, BodorWelder 1500 Pro brings excellence to the production of medical devices, such as syringes, pacemakers, ultrasound, and CT scanners.



Whether it is automobiles or freight trucks, BodorWelder 1500 Pro offers tailor-made solutions for the automotive industry. It is applicable in particular to the manufacturing of sheet metal auto parts like brackets, hinges, spring seats, caps, and covers.


Home appliances

Thanks to its low heat generation, BodorWelder 1500 Pro demonstrates remarkable precision when it comes to household electronics. With minimal thermal deformation, BodorWelder 1500 Pro enhances the makes of kitchen and bathroom fixtures.



Construct the supporting frame of billboard signs with BodorWelder 1500 Pro. The capacity to handle large batches of sheet metal is a great indicator of its reliable quality.

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