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Bodor Intelligent Cutting Application-Intelligent over-heat adaptation

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In ordinary laser cutting process, the temperature of plate, cutting head and lens rises because of thermal radiation effect when processing medium and thick plates. Although the set focus and height adjustment parameters are fixed values, the actual values gradually change with the temperature, such as the focus drifts (temperature drift) and the follow-up height changes. Under the comprehensive influence, the status of "focus" and "air flow" changes all the time with the progress of cutting, resulting in poor cutting effect and even failure of normal cutting.


Since 2017 when we began to R&D 10kW+ laser cutting, we have been leading ultra-high power technology around the world. Now, through various intelligent functions, including the " Intelligent Over-heat Adaptation " technology,developed by Bodor’s R&D team, our thick plate cutting technology is efficient and reliable.

Intelligent Over-heat Adaptation vs Ordinary cutting


This function, which contains three parts, takes the intelligent correction of focus and intelligent calibration of plate as the core, and develops a set of core algorithms based on the principle that the actual focus changes with the temperature field and the capacitance of height sensor changes with the influence of thermal field. It can automatically calculate and compensate the "drift" of cutting head focus and the deviation of capacitance follow-up in multiple dimensions such as time and temperature, so as to solve the problem of poor cutting caused by thermal radiation, ensuring that the medium and thick plate can be cut stably for a long time.

1. Intelligent correction of focus and intelligent calibration of plate

These are the core part of Intelligent Over-heat Adaptation .

Intelligent correction of focus compensates focus drift in real time, so as to solve the influence of high temperature on the laser head mirror group after laser cutting and improve the stability of laser cutting.


The intelligent calibration of plate eliminates the influence of thermal field on capacitor follow-up and maintains the real-time consistency of cutting follow-up height.

2. Intelligent nozzle cleaning

During the long-term cutting process, the slag accumulation at the bottom of the nozzle is easy to occur, which seriously affects the air flow direction and the stability of capacitance. The intelligent nozzle cleaning function automatically cleans the nozzle regularly to avoid the impact of nozzle slag accumulation on the cutting effect.

3. Intelligent Air-pressure Adjustment

Due to the pressure fluctuation of the air source, the pressure at the nozzle is unstable, resulting in poor cutting effect. The intelligent air-pressure adjustment corrects the air pressure fluctuation and ensures stable air outlet pressure and consistent cutting effect.

The principles may be complicated. So, what can you benefit from the function? Here we conclude three advantages as follows.


1.Stable cutting

Stable cutting with Intelligent Over-heat Adaptation can effectively reduce the rejection rate, nozzle and lens damaging, and maintenance time.


2. Simple operation

The Intelligent Over-heat Adaptation can be turned on/off with just one click according to the cutting process condition.

3. Saving costs

Intelligent Over-heat Adaptation is an intelligent application program, therefore it saves the costs of accessory parts. Besides, with the function, no manpower for manual adjustment of focus, air pressure, re-calibration of plate, and nozzle cleaning is needed.

At present, the function can be applied to Bodor G-series and Dream-series.


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