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Bodor intelligent cutting application-Initial Slag Removal

Industry News

Bodor ultra high power laser cutting machine has been capable of stable cutting of medium and thick plates. Through various intelligent functions, including the " Initial Slag Removal " technology,developed by Bodor’s R&D team, our thick plate cutting technology is efficient and reliable.

With the development of fiber laser technology, laser cutting machine is gradually replacing the traditional cutting methods such as flame cutting, and plasma cutting. However, in the process of thick plate perforation, a lot of slag will remain at the edge of the hole. If cutting directly, the following problems will occur:


Problem 1.

When the light beam passes through the slag, part of the auxiliary gas is blocked by the slag, and the air pressure at the cutting point will change;

Problem 2.

The slag blocks part of the laser, and the laser power directly acting on the workpieces also changes, resulting in poor cutting quality;

Problem 3.

Slag accumulates on the plate surface, and the laser head will be affected by slag during follow-up, resulting in follow-up bumps and affecting the cutting section.

In view of the three problems above, in order to reduce the slag produced in the perforation process, there are two main methods in traditional cutting.


*Traditional cutting

1. Slow start

In order to make the cutting head cut through the slag stably, it is necessary to reduce the speed when starting the perforation, but if it cuts through the slag slowly, the service life of the nozzle will be greatly affected and the processing cost of customers will be increased;

2. Increase the cutting follow-up height

Increase the follow-up height until it exceeds the slag height, but too high cutting height will reduce the cutting surface effect and reduce the competitiveness of customers' products.

"Slow start" and "Increase the cutting follow-up height" have many limitations to quality and efficiency. Bodor's " Initial Slag Removal " function can easily solve customers' troubles, improve the competitiveness of customers' products, and reduce customers' processing costs. Its significant advantages are as follows:


*Initial Slag Removal

1. Greatly improve the stability of cutting follow-up, and prolong the service life of nozzle and ceramic ring.


2. Remove the perforation slag to the greatest extent, improve the cutting quality and ensure the integrity of the material surface.


3. It can intelligently match the slag removal process according to different materials and thickness without repeated adjustment, reducing the operation difficulty.


At present, the function can be applied to Bodor S-series and Dream-series .


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