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Newly launched, the upgraded Bodor A 2.0: Better simplicity

Industry News

Recently, our A-series is newly upgraded - the Bodor A 2.0. With its new features and iF-Award design, you can get reliable and easy laser cutting with Bodor quality more economically.


Innovation and better cutting experience are important elements for our mission to create more value for global clients, and we understand that laser cutting machine products optimize their benefits and advantages when they embody the design idea of simplicity, no matter for the appearance or the operation.

To make sure that you are familiar with the new Bodor A 2.0 and that you can benefit more from the machine, here we conclude some important features we updated for it.

EtherCAT bus control


EtherCAT is known for extremely high network performance, stable and real-time signal, great flexibility and control accuracy, and better compatibility. The technology can make many control methods possible, which traditional controls does not achieve. Therefore, it is a very good choice for us to make the Bodor A 2.0 meet your need for better cutting with its other upgraded components.

BodorThinker 3.0


Innovative functionality of the upgraded system, BodorThinker 3.0, on Bodor A 2.0 simplifies the difficulty of graphic and increases greatly the speed of machine response (50% more max. acceleration speed, 30% more operation speed). When operators work on it, the enhanced operation fluency will definitely make their work easier. Besides, to help you cut thicker materials, we also add many new functions in the system for higher power to guarantee stable and reliable cutting.

New Bodor family-style design


The new design idea of Bodor A 2.0, which won the iF-Design Award 2021, generates from the philosophy of Zen Ideology, Chinese Go game, and modern technology. Black&White color, Zen-Circle-like Go chess piece, and digital OLED, all these elements are expressed through the most iconic Bodor Logo part. The concept we intend to share with our customers is that Bodor is chasing its dream constantly and solidly with its broad mind and profound wisdom.

Second generation crossbeam


The second generation crossbeam is enhanced to a stretched honeycomb aluminum one by ultra-high pressure. Its upgraded structure gains a 20% increase in rigidity and better high-temperature resistance compared with the first generation.

Stunning new display


Integration and compatibility gain a better extension for this upgrade. Operators will found it easier to experience a smooth and convenient cutting operation.

Since the very start of Bodor history, we have been developing better laser technology application for better cutting and put much importance on innovation. The Bodor A 2.0 is just one of our presents to create more value for customers. It may not be easy and simple to create perfect simplicity, but still, into future achievement of our mutual development and success, some more efforts must be made.


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