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Bodor i Series Compact Sheet Metal Cutting Machine

Explore where functionality meets space-saving.


Big things come in small packages

Compact, flexible design

i series increases productivity of your production line without requiring much space. The system has been designed to take up as little floor space as possible.


The fully enclosed design leads to more economical processing and faster performance, with a much lower power consumption.


i series’ compact system demonstrates high productivity thanks to Bodor’s intelligent functions, as they optimize material flow, boost output, and increase the operating safety of the production line.

Features & enhancements


Active collision avoidance

BodorGenius, Bodor’s intelligent laser head, uses sensors and algorithms to detect potential obstacles like tilting parts and automatically avoids a potential collision. It largely ensures the stability as well as operating efficiency in the cutting process.


Lightning piercing

The technology offers rapid, precise piercing with reduced amount of time. It features efficiency monitored processes, focus adjustment, and integration with BodorGenius. This enables quick piercing in sync with the cutting head's movement, optimizing operations for medium-thick plates without extra time or motion.


Intelligent remnant layout

To achieve maximum material utilization, all you need to do is uploading pictures of the remnant to the control system with your mobile phone. i series is able to automatically finish positioning as well as nesting. The higher the percentage of utilization, the more economical the process. Enjoy the benefits of significantly increased cost savings.


Overheating offset

To stabilize laser beam focal point during the cutting process, this function counteracts the adverse effects of overheating by adjusting time and temperature. It is especially applicable to cutting thick sheet metal.


Anti-burning mineral casting plate

Bodor’s newly developed anti-burning plate, made by mineral casting, provides numerous advantages in slag removal, operations, modular design, fire resistance, and hardness. When used, the plate prevents damage to the machine bed caused by material residue, essentially lowering maintenance costs and offering better durability. Its lightweight structure also makes it easy to replace during regular maintenance.

Specifications & parameters




Working area 1000*1500mm
Machine overall dimensions 2980×2220×1970mm
Laser output power 6000W / 3000W / 1500W
Positioning accuracy ±0.05mm/m
Repositioning accuracy ±0.03mm
Max. linkage speed 91m/min
Max. acceleration 1.5G
Working area 2000*1000mm
Machine overall dimensions 4049×1955×2230mm
Laser output power 6000W / 3000W / 1500W
Positioning accuracy ±0.05mm/m
Repositioning accuracy ±0.03mm
Max. linkage speed 91m/min
Max. acceleration 1.5G
Working area 3048*1524mm
Machine overall dimensions 4955×2320×2200mm
Laser output power 12000W / 6000W / 3000W / 1500W
Positioning accuracy ±0.05mm/m
Repositioning accuracy ±0.03mm
Max. linkage speed 91m/min
Max. acceleration 1.5G

Applicable industries

Metal processing requires the highest quality and efficiency. i series possesses innovative solutions for your modern metal fabrication needs.


Mold manufacturing

For 1-5 mm thick metal sheets, i series fabricates small, fine molds that meet international standards.


Name & warning plates

From name plates to warning signs, i series can manufacture signage on metals like stainless steel, aluminum, and brass.


Auto parts

Optimize your processes for delicate auto parts with i series. It is applicable to the production of internal auto components such as flywheels and car interiors.


Metal processing

i series is an economical solution to your sheet metal processing. With a compact design, let i series handle your metal sheets with high cost-effectiveness.

Client story

Logi Engineering’s success story


Bodor's dedication to customer service and quality of manufacture ensures they remain head and shoulders above anycompetition.


Derek Leven

Managing Director of Logi Engineering

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