Base Sheet&Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with Full Protection

One machine with two uses. CT series cuts both metal sheets and metal tubes.

product protection

Welded Bed with Mortise-and-tenon Joint

Each frame of bed is welded after mortise-and-tenon joint to achieve better stability and firmness.

product bed

Stretching Aluminum Crossbeam


Rigidity increases by


Weight goes down by


Equipment running speed increases by


No Quiver when Cutting Thin Sheet

CT Series is capable of cutting edges of thin sheets and ensures no quivering marks.

Active Anti-collision Function

Effectively reduce the damage rate of laser heads, help you save maintenance costs.

Four-side Edge Searching, Higher Precision

Optimized edge searching method and algorithm guarantee higher cutting precision and better steadiness.

One-click Processing

All functions of the system are distributed logically and orderly to achieve fully automatic mass production.

Cutting Samples

Applicable to cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, alloy metals, etc.

cutting sample
cutting sample
cutting sample
cutting sample
cutting sample
cutting sample

Applicable Industry

Industries, such as automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, engineering vehicles, vessels, outside processing and agricultural machinery manufacturing, have now applied the machine widely.

applicable industry img
applicable industry img
applicable industry img

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