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10kW+ Laser Cutting Machine Made a Sales Record of 260 Sets, Bodor Laser Constantly Surprises the Market

Industry News

The spring of 2020 is different. A sudden epidemic has stopped us from all kinds of progress. The world is shrouded in the haze of the epidemic, and the COVID-19 epidemic has become a matter of concern to everyone. There is no doubt that the outbreak of this epidemic has brought a great blow to the world economy. In this context, “high efficiency” has become the overall demand of manufacturing and processing in several major industries such as heavy machinery, urban rail transit, high-speed rail and new energy etc.

With its excellent performance, 10kW+ laser cutting machine has gradually become the darling of the market and is adopted by the majority of metal processing enterprises. As one of the fastest-growing companies in laser industry, Bodor Laser has also taken part in this activity. Bodor Laser's 10kW+ products have become a representative of new productivity in the field of laser cutting by virtue of wider and deeper processing range, stronger cutting ability and higher processing efficiency. Since the Bodor laser 10kW+ laser cutting machine was put into the market, it has repeatedly created industry sales miracles.


Until the beginning of November 2020, the sales volume of Bodor Laser 10kW products have achieved 260 units, the sales of 20kW have exceeded 20 units, the 30kW equipment has reached the world's first batch of contracts, and the world's first 40kW laser cutting machine has achieved its world premiere at the same time.


On September 4th, Bodor Laser 40kW ultra-high power fiber laser cutting machine made its global debut at the Bodor Laser Innovation and Research Center, in order to define the future pioneering posture and achieve a new high point in the laser cutting industry.

40kW can make laser cutting technology improve a big step as a whole, break more limitations of laser cutting processing, and make laser processing have a more extensive use scene. On the premise of improving the processing quality, the processing efficiency of 10kW fiber laser cutting has also been doubled, allowing end users to complete more business volume in the same time. In addition, the overall processing cost has also been greatly reduced, making terminal sheet metal processing users to reduce costs and generate income.

Now, the world’s first 40kW laser cutting machine has been unveiled, redefining laser cutting. Bodor Laser will take the 40kW global debut as the starting point, start a new round of technological revolution, provide better services for customers and create more and greater value for global metal processing enterprises.


(Note: Bodor Laser’s global sales and service network provides services for 150 countries of 6 continents)


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