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Intensified Competition in the Global Laser Market, Bodor Laser Leads the 10kW+ Cutting

Industry News

It has been more than sixty years since mankind obtained the first laser beam to show its talents in the industrial field. As a new type of light source, laser has the characteristics of good directivity, high brightness, good monochromaticity and high energy density. Laser cutting is used in metal processing, which can reduce the number of processing procedures, significantly improve the efficiency of production, and shorten delivery time. A laser cutting machine can replace machining centers, special fixtures, punching machines, etc. It can also reduce the cost of labour, reduce the waste caused by human operation errors, and greatly improve the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece.

With the continuous maturity of fiber laser technology, the power of lasers for industrial applications is gradually increasing. Lasers with power of 6kW, 8kW and even 10kW+ have become standard equipment for many end-users. The huge market capacity will inevitably attract many players to enter, and market competition is essential. Today, the global laser industry market is extremely competitive, so domestic and foreign laser companies have entered the game to try to get a share.

Among them, Jinan Bodor CNC Machine Co., Ltd insists on exploration and innovation, leading the laser cutting of 10kW+.

In September, Bodor Laser achieved laser cutting machines’ world premiere of 40kW, the world's first signing of 30kW, and 4 sets of 20kW devices were delivered successively in 9 days. Of course, the 10kW equipment that has been delivered continuously in full swing is also indispensable!



On September 26th, Bodor Laser P6025 12kW was successfully delivered to Baoji Jiexin Machinery Processing Co., Ltd. At present, Bodor Laser P6025 12kW has been successfully put into production and has been recognized by customers for its excellent performance. Bodor Laser has established a global service network and a professional service team of more than 300 people to provide customers with professional, timely and continuous operation and maintenance services, and to escort their production.


Bodor Laser 10kW products, with a wider and deeper processing range, stronger cutting capacity, and higher processing efficiency, have become the representative of new productivity in the laser cutting field. Since the Bodor Laser 10kW equipment was put into the market, it has repeatedly created industry sales miracles.

In the future, Bodor Laser will continue to carry forward the spirit of exploration and innovation and actively contribute to the development of the industry!


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