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Cutting Speed and Effect of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

Industry News

 Nowadays there are mainly 3 types of laser cutting machines in the market, they are CO2 laser cutting machine, YAG laser cutting machine, and fiber laser cutting machine. They have their own production characteristics respectively, and let us talk about that from different perspectives.

Cutting Speed and Effect

The cutting speed of fiber laser can be 3 times as fast as CO2 laser with the same power. The speed advantage is especially obvious in metal sheet cutting. Fiber laser can also offer desirable cutting quality and smooth cut surface.


Energy Consumption and Overall Cost

Photoelectric conversion rate of fiber laser can reach 30%, CO2 laser with the same power can only reach 10%-15%, and YAG 3%. Besides, electricity consumption of fiber laser is only 20%-30% of that of CO2 with the same power, making overall cost lower than other laser sources.

Operating Requirements and Maintenance

When it comes to CO2 laser, you have to adjust the light path before operating, for the cutting effect depends on it directly. As a result, it requires manual adjustments of light path and regular maintenance. YAG laser also needs regular maintenance due to the Thermal Lens Effect. But fiber laser uses fiber optic transmission to spare the need for regular adjustments and maintenance. Besides, fiber laser can also provide high stability and easy operation.


Suitable Industries

Fiber laser is suitable for metals including aluminum and copper because they are highly reflective. Fiber laser can meet the requirements of sheet metal manufacturing, home appliances and new energy, etc.


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