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Bodor Laser Ranked No.1 in Global Laser Cutting Machines Sales Volume for Four Consecutive Years

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March 29, 2023 Bodor Laser has once again claimed the title of the world's top laser cutting solution provider for 2022, based on a record-breaking 6,000+ units of machines sold worldwide throughout the past fiscal year. This also marks the fourth consecutive year the company has received this recognition since 2019.

Bodor's relentless commitment to research and development, combined with its customer-oriented service practices, have been the driving force behind the company's success. In March 2022, Bodor announced the launch of laser scanning cutting machines which shakes up the field of CNC laser cutting equipment.

Equipped with Bodor's self-researched optical system device, optical path space programming technology, and patented processing algorithm, the machine models are recognized for their ultra-high efficiency, allowing them to work on an extensive range of materials with varying thicknesses at a much higher speed than conventional laser cutters of the same power, with an increase of 30%-150% in cutting thickness and up to 80% in cutting speed.

Rapidly growing to be one the company’s most sought-after model since its release, the Bodor scanning cutting machine is proved to be customer’s top choice. According to sales data for the year 2022, the scanning cutting machines account for 60% of the sales volume across all Bodor high-performance model series, with its quarterly compound growth rate from Q2 to Q4 reaching up to 69%.

Commenting on Bodor’s global customer services , Mr. Adam Liu, General Manager of Bodor Laser Overseas Marketing Center added, “We intend to deliver top-tier laser solutions with seamless services that enable efficient and streamlined production for customers worldwide.”

He further stated that both the quality of products and the customer-oriented services are what the company prioritizes. With more than 6 service centers and local spare parts warehouses covering 180 countries around the world, Bodor provides 24-hour responsive customer service and technical support to ensure in-time parts delivery, minimizing the unplanned production downtime; certified local service engineers are scheduled to provide on-site training and guidance on the equipment maintenance and operation.

It is worth mentioning that Bodor has established local laser source repair networks in America, Turkey, India, and Hungary. This has resulted in a significant reduction in equipment maintenance costs and downtime, as equipment component replace & repairs that typically took a long time can now be done in a more efficient manner.

Apart from the on-site support, Bodor has launched the self-developed Bodor+ equipment management platform, which allows for real-time monitoring of machine operating status to provide speedy responses back to the user end.

Looking forward, Bodor is taking strategic steps to capture greater market share in critical regions, including the United States, Germany, India, South Korea, and Mexico. As a part of the strategic approaches, Bodor will continue to deliver top-notch laser solutions to meet the demands in the ever-evolving global manufacturing landscape through ramping up its efforts in technology R&D as well as bolstering global customer service & support network.



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