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Bodor Announces New Global Headquarters: Welcome to Bodor Dream Park in December, 2024

Company News

Bodor, a leading international laser solution provider and the top-ranked global sales volume leader, proudly unveils its new global headquarters, Bodor Dream Park, on July 27, 2023.


The expansive 300,000 sq. m. headquarters is a state-of-the-art industrial park that encompasses cutting-edge research and development, advanced production, impressive showrooms, efficient administration, and a life zone, all designed to support Bodor's strategic vision of leading the laser industry and co-creating a better human life.

The company extends a warm invitation to all its esteemed customers and partners to visit Bodor Dream Park in December, 2024, and experience the remarkable dreamland firsthand.

This new headquarters marks a significant milestone in Bodor's journey towards achieving its long-term strategic goals. It reflects Bodor’s unwavering commitment to the future of the laser industry.

"Bodor is dedicated to promoting the innovation and application of laser technology, providing efficient, environmentally friendly, and intelligent fiber laser solutions for various industries," said Adam Liu, General Manager of Bodor Overseas Marketing Center . "With our new headquarters, we anticipate stronger research and development capabilities, more efficient production processes, exceptional talent teams, and even closer customer cooperation."

Yang Jian, Director of Bodor Brand Department and Leader of Dream Park’s Design, added, "The comprehensive central building in our park can accommodate the needs of 5,000 people, while the research and development lab area spans over 20,000 square meters, and the production area impressively covers 100,000 square meters. In the future, we envision creating dozens of new production lines, achieving tens of billions of annual output value."

“At Bodor Dream Park, the guiding principle is ‘people-centric’. The park’s 100-meter-high building caters to every aspect of life, offering catering, fitness, sports, and more. Amidst beautiful landscapes and thoughtful amenities, Bodor's employees will find ease and leisure, making it a true home away from home.” said Yang Jian.

Higher Efficiency and Stability with Innovative Technologies:

The iconic "b" shape at the focal point, inspired by the "bodor" icon on Bodor products, symbolizes Bodor's dedication to providing valuable products and driving technological innovation and breakthroughs. Over the years, Bodor has been recognized with prestigious awards such as the Red Dot Award and the iF International Product Design Award. In March 2022, Bodor introduced the revolutionary laser scanning cutting machine, a breakthrough new category in the laser cutting industry.

In the new industrial park, Bodor will house an advanced technology research and development center, equipped with world-class equipment and instruments. The R&D team will focus on addressing the core challenges of laser technology, such as laser beam quality, power, stability, and efficiency, to offer customers a more efficient, more stable, safer, and smarter laser operation experience.

A Gathering Place for Ambitious Laser Dreams:

Bodor Dream Park embodies Bodor’s vision of a future that is fresh, pure, intelligent, and environmentally friendly, evident in the flexible use of glass and aluminum curtain walls to exude purity, futurism, and technology. It is not just the new global headquarters of Bodor but also a hub for ambitious laser dreams. Here, Bodor will showcase the latest achievements of laser technology, explore infinite possibilities of laser applications, and foster meaningful exchanges with fellow laser enthusiasts.

The construction of Bodor's new industrial park further amplifies its competitiveness and influence in the global market. It is a testament to Bodor’s dedication to advancing and innovating the laser industry. Bodor eagerly invites individuals from all walks of life to stay connected with its latest developments. It looks forward to collaborating with more partners to create a better future.

About Bodor Laser:

Founded in 2008, Bodor Laser is an international top-notch intelligent and automated laser cutting and welding solution provider for automobiles, aviation, medical care, electronics, metal processing, and various industries. With more than 3,000 employees worldwide, including 20% dedicated to R&D, its service scope spans over 180 countries and regions. The global service centers and engineers provide customers with 24/7 timely support, maintaining long-term and stable partnerships with a variety of manufacturing enterprises.


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