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Spanish Valencia Agent Tecmaher Visits Bodor Factory and Receives Product Knowledge Training

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The visit, which combined informative discussions, comprehensive factory tours, and practical training sessions, underscored Tecmaher's commitment to leveraging Bodor's expertise to meet the diverse needs of the Spanish market.


"Witnessing the fusion of Bodor's innovation and technology with our own aspirations has been truly inspiring," said Tecmaher Representative.

"Cooperation is not just about products; it's about forging relationships. This visit marks a milestone in our partnership," said Adam Liu, Bodor Overseas Marketing Center General Manager.

From August 7th to August 18th, a delegation of 6 from Tecmaher, Bodor's agent in Valencia, Spain, visited the Bodor factory for a 12-day tour and product knowledge training. Within less than a year of cooperation between Tecmaher and Bodor, this marked the first visit by Tecmaher to the Bodor factory, allowing them to experience Bodor's corporate culture and technical strength firsthand.

During the visit, representatives from Tecmaher engaged in friendly discussions with Bodor colleagues, deliberating on cooperation plans and market development strategies.

"Sharing insights and ideas directly with Bodor's team has deepened our understanding of how to better serve our customers," stated one of Tecmaher's delegates.

Mr. Liu, the Overseas Market General Manager of Bodor, personally introduced the development history, product line, innovation projects, and future vision of Bodor to Tecmaher's representatives. The Tecmaher team highly praised and trusted Bodor's scale, equipment, technology, and service, showing keen interest and anticipation in Bodor's Dream Park project.

Throughout the training period, Tecmaher's engineers delved into hands-on learning guided by Bodor's expert trainers. They not only comprehended the machinery's structure, principles, operations, and maintenance, but also mastered software usage and parameter settings and adjustments. "Learning from Bodor's experts has equipped us with valuable skills that will resonate well with our customers," commented one of Tecmaher's engineers.

The engineers expressed that after nearly two weeks of training, their understanding of the machines had deepened, enhancing their skills and knowledge. They believe they can now provide better service and support to clients in the market.

Reportedly, Bodor already boasts over 200 machines in Spain, including 5 units of 22kW and over 10 units of 12kW high-power equipment. "This partnership is not just about business; it's about mutual growth and success," affirmed another Tecmaher representative. The collaboration between Bodor and Tecmaher aims to further expand the Spanish market, elevate brand influence, and meet diverse customer demands. This visit and training have strengthened and deepened the partnership, laying a solid foundation for future market development.

If you are eager to connect and explore the cooperation between Bodor and Tecmaher, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Together, let’s illuminate the path to cutting-edge laser solutions.


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