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BODOR World Tour-Metal Madrid 2021


On Nov 18, 2021, the 2-day Metal Madrid 2021 comes to an end in Madrid, Spain. Bodor Laser has been working in Spain for several years and won a very good reputaion locally. This year, Bodor Laser achieved great success once again in this exhibition!


Metal Madrid, the leading events in industrial innovation that every year, and in just 2 days, presents the latest advances and news for the industry of today and tomorrow.

Bodor Laser attended this exhibition with Metal sheet laser cutting machine P3 model.As the classic model, the 3 machines attracted the attention of audiences from all over the world as soon as it was unveiled.



Also, Bodor has been committed to the R & D of 10kW+ equipment for years and has also led the development trend of 10kW+ laser machines in the world. Till September 2021, Bodor has sold more than 800+ 10kW+ machines all over the world. The cutting speed of the 10kW+ machine is faster and with stronger capability to cut thicker metals, which can meet the needs of mass production of customers.

Although the pandemic situation is still severe, exhibitors and buyers of the country still try their best to come to the exhibition, including those who are intenting to cooperate with Bodor. During the exhibition, Bodor signed intention agreements with several buyers, which undoubtedly set a strong foundation for Bodor's development in Spain and in Europe.


In addition, EMAF 2021 will be held in Porto from Dec 1st to 4th. Bodor Laser has booked a larger booth and bring more machines to participate in the exhibition. We look forward to seeing you in Porto.


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