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Tune into World Cup 2022 - Bodor’s clients in 32 countries cheer for their national teams

Industry News

Who is most likely to win the World Cup 2022? This must be the most engaging question until the final on December 18, as all fans, coaches, and players have their own answers.

In Qatar, 32 best national football teams from 32 countries are now competing for the champions trophy, honor, and sports spirits. With excitement to celebrate the final winner and applause for good players, we have invited our clients around these 32 countries where Bodor laser products and services connect many metal fabricators together to share their wishes for their favorite teams and stories with Bodor. Here we would like to share some of their wishes and stories with you.

Bodor | Qatar

Sylvia is a Bodor staff in Qatar. If you haven’t gone there to watch the game, take a look with her at Al Wakrah stadium, which serves as one of the playing venues of the world cup 2022.


Bodor | US

Young, who lives and works in America as a Bodor service engineer, does an interview for Jaime, the owner of a metal fabrication company.


Bodor | Mexico

Euromaquinas is a leading company in the metalworking market and Bodor’s dealer in Mexico. Eduardo Esparza working there introduces his company and Bodor machines in Mexico.


We have collected videos from clients in other countries in our BODOR LASER Youtube channel, click to watch.

The end of the tournament is supposed to present an awe-inspiring game on Dec. 18, when the winner gets the gold trophy, and there will be a lot of changes until that day. Stay tuned and have fun!


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