Smart Adjustment Machining

High-quality Effects and Steady Performance Smart Focus Correction
Smart Sheet Calibration Smart Gas Pressure Correction

Mango Remote Control

Mango shape
elegant curve
use with one hand
magnetic attraction design

Cast Aluminum Crossbeam

Pressure casting by integrated steel mold.
Light crossbeam ensures high-speed operation.

Bodor Pro 2.0

The operating system supports input and smart layout of various cutting graphics,
automatic optimization of cutting orders,
edge searching and positioning.

Bodor Cutting V3.0

Carbon Steel Oxygen Fast Cutting (COF)
Carbon Steel Economic Fast Cutting (CEF)
Low Nitrogen Pressure Fast Cutting (LNF)
Matched with High-End CNC System to realize the minutely control

Auto-focusing Laser Head

Automatic adjustments of focal position.
Lightening Perforation Technology ensures higher efficiency.

Cast Iron Bed

Integrated formation by mold pouring offers desirable shock absorption, wear resistance, anti-stress and hardness. Low thermal sensitivity reduces using wear, guaranteeing long-standing cutting precision. Cast Iron Bed

Contour Recognition

Stable and High Precision Flash Recognition
Low Deviation for All Suitable Lengths

Lighteye Edge Searching

1-3s to complete edge searching 0.1mm max cutting precision

Bodor Cloud

IoT Cloud Platform for Fiber Laser CNC Machines Bodor Cloud

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