Latter Bed Ejector Rod

Latter Bed Ejector Rod ileft Latter Bed Ejector Rod ileft
icon product Pneumatic Lift

Lifting sheets fast and efficiently with a pneumatic lifting structure.

icon product Preventing Scratches

Ball bearing rollers are installed at tops of supporting rods to prevent workpieces scratches effectively when loading and uploading.

icon product Strong Bearing Capacity

Wide range of applications, with a maximum full-table bearing capacity for a 6mm stainless steel sheet.

Technical Parameters

Applicable model: C3 C4 C6
Maximum feeding plate size: 3000mm*1500mm 4000mm*2000mm 6100mm*2500mm
Maximum loading weight: 215kg 380kg 725kg
Maximum thickness of feeding plate: 6mm
Minimum thickness of the feeding plate: 1mm
Module dimensions: 2600mm*1500mm*955mm 3600mm*2000mm*955mm 5600mm*2570mm*955mm
Weight: 170kg 230kg 350kg
Operation method: Foot switch
Lifting method: Hydraulic lift

Applicable model

C SERIES-The first step into laser cutting machinewith full protection

Economical plate fiber laser cutting machine C3
Economical plate fiber laser cutting machine C4
Economical plate fiber laser cutting machine C6

Applicable Industry

Industries, such as door and window manufacturing, aluminum sheets industry, and other processing industries with high requirements for sheet surface have now applied the machine widely.


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