High Power Laser Cutting Machine G
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Large Cutting Format

Large format for sheet cutting of 20500mm*3200mm at most, achieve overall machining of long workpieces, meet more cutting demands.

Full protection of black acrylic, Sealed working space

Pierce Monitor

Pierce Monitor

New generation of intelligent perforation technology

Pierce Monitor

Significantly reduce perforation time, average perforation time of medium & thick plate is reduced to 4s.

Pierce Monitor
Pierce Monitor

The system automatically matches perforation parameters which ensures the consistency of perforation parameters in continuous perforation process without repeatedly modification.

Pierce Monitor
Pierce Monitor

Avoid blasting holes and avoid the failure of sheet overheating for prolonged perforation.

Pierce Monitor

Laser abnormality identification & intelligent alarm, provides protection when the laser light is abnormal.

Application Scope

Equipment Power:



Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel



Unbounded Cutting

Unbounded Cutting icon

Process for Cutting Leftover Material

Only need to press one button to start, sparing the need for repeated adjustments,
reducing operating difficulty and making cutting convenient and practical.

After checking the box on the interface, you can start leftover material cutting process,
reducing material waste and overall cost.

Six plans (as shown in the pictures) are offered to help all kinds of plate cutting,
once again upgrading our machines’ practicability.

Vortex Start

Slag Treatment Process during Perforated Cutting of Thick Plates

Vortex Start iconSmartly choose vortex process according to the material and its thickness, sparing the need for repeated adjustments and reducing operating difficulty.
Vortex Start iconRemove the slag produced during perforation to the greatest extent, making sure that the cutting edges are smooth and intact.
Vortex Start iconGreatly improve stability of cutting follower, and prolong service life of nozzle and ceramic ring.
Vortex Start icon

Super-power, for thick and thin plates

Equipped with super power IPG laser device of 25000W at most, which makes efficient thick plate cutting no longer a dream. BODOR database of cutting process will provide you with data support of performance and energy saving to save cutting cost. Tailor-made super power laser machine for customers.

Full protection of black acrylic, Sealed working space

Bevel Cutting

Multiple combination of control system and mechanical device,
Bevel cutting at any angle within 0-45°.

Realize the bottom side or bilateral round off sharp edges,
Diversified incision forms,
Applicable to a variety of application scenarios.

Integrated ground-rail welded bed

Integrated ground-rail welded bed

Integrated ground-rail welded bed with high intensity, small footprint, stable precision, good wear resistance, fully guarantees the equipment’s life. Hive-type high rigid aero aluminum crossbeam

Timesaving by 30%, more precious

The quality of the cutting surface is better than traditional processing method, no need for secondary processing, the overall processing time of parts is reduced by 30%.

Ultrafast stepless perforation, significantly reduces perforation time by 60%.

Stable starting point and following-up, high precision, less slag. Save time and electricity, improve material utilization and reduce damage to device. Check to enter the mode, saving debugging time and no technical threshold to users.

Full protection of black acrylic, Sealed working space

Germany Beckhoff System


Support customized development. Beckhoff can customize Bodor interface and Bodor specific features to support multi-touch screens and monitor device processing condition remotely.

High Performance

EtherCat bus control provides quick signalling and high-accuracy of sync, especially for high-speed cutting.

Germany Beckhoff System
PRECITEC Auto Focus Laser Head

PRECITEC Auto Focus Laser Head

Light and slender design provides quick accelerating ability and cutting speed for laser head.Reasonable optics configuration. The collimating mirrors and focus mirrors use compound lens to achieve the best optic qualitiy and cutting effect.

Excellent Configuration

Excellent Configuration
Excellent Configuration
Excellent Configuration
Excellent Configuration

German Rexroth servo motor

German Rexroth driver

France Schneider breaker

Germany Stober Decelerator

  • Germany Phoenix terminal
  • America Parker N2 cutting gas control valve
  • Japan SMC O2 cutting gas control valve
  • Taiwan railway and rack
  • Japan SMC high pressure gas pipe
  • Switzerland CARLO GAVAZZI switching power

Touch Control

Elegant appearance curve

The new 21.5 inch touch display has a larger area and incorporates touch function for more convenience. The cooperation between the UI display and the table makes a more intuitional operation. The 10 fingers-touch is the same use feeling as a tablet PC, which improves users’ experience.

Touch Control

RADAN Nest Software

Easy to drag and drop a batch of DXF, DWG or IGES files with Windows interface for data exchange, makes common functions more concise;Flexible leadin and leadout, micro-joining and overcut setting enhance operation experience.Cutting sequence optimization for collision avoidance enhances use safety. Automatic parts’ cost quick estimation reduces labor intensity.


The heavy bed makes the equipment more stable in working, the light crossbeam makes it work faster; perfect industrial design is more in line with man-machine engineering; high quality electrical software control system gives equipment higher cutting precision. The machine owns more comfortable operation, more stable performance, more durable quality, higher cutting efficiency and wider application scope.

  • Automatic Lubrication System

    Automatic lubrication system provides timing and ration lubricating oil for equipment to ensure its normal and high speed operation, and owns functions of abnormal alarm and liquid level alarm. The system greatly enhances cutting accuracy and effectively extends service life of transmission mechanism.

  • Intelligent Alarm System

    The system will start full abnormal alarm and push it to the interface through control center when equipment is abnormal.Finding equipment abnormal in advance and reducing hidden dangers can multiply improve the equipment troubleshooting efficiency.

  • Auxiliary gas low pressure alarm function

    Precise monitoring of gas pressure. Providing real-time pressure detection, pushing abnormal information when pressure value is lower than optimal cutting effect and precision. Ensure the cutting performance, accuracy and timeliness of gas replacement.

  • WIFI Remote Intelligent Assistance

    Global real-time feedback,Providing real-time fault analysis and troubleshooting.

fiber laser cutting samples fiber laser cutting samples fiber laser cutting samples fiber laser cutting samples fiber laser cutting samples fiber laser cutting samples

Cutting Samples

It is suitable for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and alloy metal materials.

Application Industry

The equipment meets the parts processing requirements of most industries, working accuracy is stable. At present, laser cutting machines have been widely used in electronics, electrical, mechanical hardware, new energy lithium, packaging, solar, LED, automotive and other industries.

Product Parameters

Model G24 G20 G16 G12
Working Area 24500mm*3200mm 20500mm*3200mm 16500mm*3200mm 12500mm*3200mm
Laser Output Power 40000w/30000w/20000w/12000w/6000w
X/Y-axis positioning accuracy 0.02mm/m
X/Y-axis repositioning accuracy 0.01mm/m
X/Y-axis Max. linkage speed 80m/min

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