One-stop sheet coil processing from uncoiling to cutting

Customers’ sheet coils are processed in a production line by R-series with five functions, uncoiling, leveling, feeding, cutting, and unloading, integrated in one machine.

uncoiling machine

Relaxing loading with hydraulic power system

The hydraulic power system and the hydraulic loading trolley make coils loading easy, automated, safe and efficient.

Intelligent sheet length control

The sheet feeding length is controlled and adjusted intelligently according to the size and layout method of workpieces needed, saving material and costs.

Efficient and scratch-avoiding rotatable slats

Rotatable slats on the laser cutting machine bed rotate synchronously with the uncoiler and leveller, avoiding scratches and increasing processing efficiency and quality.

slats machine

Active Anti-collision Function

Effectively reduce the damage rate of laser heads, help you save maintenance costs.

Bodor Thinker

Robust compatibility and processing ability with user-friendly system interface keep reliable and stable cutting performance.

Cutting Samples

Applicable to cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass , alloy metals, etc.

cutting samples
cutting samples
cutting samples
cutting samples
cutting samples
cutting samples

Applicable Industry

Industries, such as kitchenware, home appliances, electrical, fan, sheet metal, lighting, metal processing, have now applied R-series widely.

applicable industry img
applicable industry img
applicable industry img

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