Professional Semi-automatic Loading Device
Professional Semi-automatic Loading Device

Flexible Loading

T-Loader Eco easily loads small tubes with diameters from 20mm to 120mm. Its wide loading material range includes square tubes, round tubes, rectangular tubes, angle steel, channel steel, etc.

Professional Semi-automatic Loading Device

Automatic Loading

T-Loader Eco automatically detects tubes and clamps the next tube to the standby place. After the processing for the previous tube finishes, the device loads the next tube in time and achieves constant processing in a real sense.

Professional Semi-automatic Loading Device

Intelligent Operation

Intelligent functions, like one-click preset, warning for lack of tubes, adding tubes when processing, anti-scratch for tubes, are available with clear and convenient access on the controlling interface.

Applicable Model



Entry-level fiber laser metal tube cutting machine



Entry-level fiber laser metal tube cutting machine


Applicable Industry

applicable industry

Fitness equipment industry

applicable industry

Door and window industry

applicable industry

Bicycle industry

Technical Data

Module dimensions: 5289*2437*953mm
Weight: 1100kg
Round tube size range: Φ25-Φ120mm
Square tube size range: □25 - □80mm
Rectangular tube size range: 120mm≥Side length≥25mm , Circumscribed circle diameter≤120mm
Maximum tube weight: 80kg 14kg/m
Tube loading length range: 6000mm
Maximum load capacity of storage bin: 800kg

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