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Fully smart cutting needs only one click, with the servo separating materials accurately and feeding tubes as quick as a flash

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Servo Snail Roller

The roller adjusts its size and precision to right tubes in time.

NC Self-centering Chuck

The servo helps the chuck control both position and torque at the same time, ensuring clamping accurate without deformation.

Bodor Thinker 3.0

EtherCAT bus control system boosts the response speed of XA Series to 6 times faster.

Low Deviation for All Suitable Lengths

The cutting spot deviation is within 0.15mm for tubes of all suitable lengths.

Specialized Laser Head BodorGeniusT

The design of slender nozzle allows the machine to avoid interference and cut various types of tubes.

Cutting Samples

Applicable to cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass , alloy metals, etc.

cutting samples
cutting samples
cutting samples
cutting samples
cutting samples

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