fiber laser cutting machine with small volumer

fiber laser cutting machine with small volume

Ultra-precise cutting

Linear motor-driven, suitable for ultra-precise cutting

Linear motor for ultra-precise cutting performance

Full protection cover

The 360° full protection design complies with international safety standard.

Full protection cover meets international safety standard

Automatic adjustment

Distribution of the flatbed slats could be adjusted automatically according to the clamping boards to each side, to prevent material leakage from the gap.

Automatic working platform adjustment

Clamping fixture design

The internal design deploys pneumatic clamping board structure that fixes cutting material and improve cutting precision.

Pneumatic clamping design to improve cutting precision

Technical parameters

Model i3Linear
Working Area 600*600mm
Laser Power 4000w/3000w/2500w/2000w/1500w/1000w
X/Y-axis positioning accuracy 0.01mm
X/Y-axis repositioning accuracy 0.004mm
X/Y-axis max.moving speed 65m/min

Application Industry

Widely used in the processing of advertising board, metal plate structure, Hv/lv electrical ark production, textile machinery parts, kitchen utensils, car, machinery, elevator, electric parts, spring coil slice, subway line spare parts, etc..

Application Materials

Suitable for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and alloy metal materials

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