Automatic coil fiber laser cutting machine


C series features with integration of uncoiling, straightening, feeding and cutting. Automated production line to save manpower and ensure production continuity.

Integrated uncoiling, straightening, feeding and cutting.

Higher safety

Full enclosure design with compact structure, higher safety and environment protection during operation

Full enclosure design for higher safety and protection

Rolling platform

Rolling cutting platform to avoid material jamming during finished material conveyance

Rolling flatbed for higher efficiency

Automatic straightening

Automatic coil straightening configuration, made of carbon steel , has a max loading capacity of 10t, with straightening accuracy≤1mm/㎡.

Automatic feeding

Automatic material feeding is facilitated with width limit device to prevent off-track of materials with narrow or wide size and ensure alignment.

Automatic feeding with alignment facilitation

Technical parameters

Model C3013
Plate width 600-1250mm
Laser Power 4000w/3000w/2000w/1500w/1000w
Applicable materials National standard cold-plate or stainless steel plate, σb ≤345 N/mm2
X/Y-axis positioning accuracy 0.03mm
X/Y-axis repositioning accuracy 0.02mm
X/Y-axis Maximum Simultaneous Positioning Speed 140m/min
Coil inner diameter φ508~φ610mm
Coil outer diameter φ1200~φ1600mm
Coil weight ≤10t
Working speed ≤30m/min
Leveling accuracy ≤3mm/㎡


plate metal laser cutting machine with high precision, widely applied for plate metal processing, auto manufacturing, host cabinet, kitchenware, machinery, home appliances and so on

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